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E3 Days Two and Three
May 15, 2004, 12:50 pm
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So, once again I drove up to LA from Yorba Linda, this time I tried an alternate freeway method suggested by my stepdad, which turned out to be completely horrible and involved way too much merging. By the time I got to the convention center, all the parking was full, so I had to part across the street at the Staples Center lot.

Thursday is a bit of a blur, but I remember the first thing I did was make a bee-line to the Square Enix booth to try and get a theater showtime button, because they said they ran out at about noon on Wednesday. Of course, I get there at 11:30, and they’re all out. They suggested trying the standby line later in the day, when it would be more likely for me to get in.

I then wandered back to the Wizards booth, but on the way, happened to see a few of the Invitational people wandering around in the hallways, so they were obviously on break. When I got there, a few were still around playing pickup games and such, so I hung out a bit, had a short conversation with Mark Rosewater where he apologized for making Skullclamp too good, and watched Zvi Mowshowitz look over the partial Fifth Dawn spoiler list. Once they played the 14th round, they were done there for the day, so I wandered off….

I could probably manage to remember where I went by looking in my bag for that day, but it’s still out in the car, and does it really matter, anyway?

Friday was a short day, as I had seen most of the show, and Dom only had one appointment, and after that we saw a few things that were left and left the show early. After I dropped him off at the hotel, I decided to drive back to my mom’s house, not realizing that it was later than I thought it was.

45 miles, 5 freeways, one burning car on the side of the road and almost 3 hours later, I got home.

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Did the word “NetRunner” come up at all, considering the “savior” Zhi and the old rules czar Rosewater.were around?

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