AM Radio

So I figured out why I had Radio Disney on my radio… I had bumped the switch and put it into AM instead of FM.

This, of course, was after I was woken up by “L’il Bunny Foo Foo.”

If that doesn’t put you in a weird mood for the day, nothing will.

You know, stuff.

Last night I bumped the tuning dial of my clock radio, so I had to reset it to a station. I thought I found the one it was on before, and set the alarm and went to sleep.

This morning I was awoken by “It’s a Small World After All.”

Yes, I inadvertently set my clock radio to Radio Disney.

Oh man…

The referee just showed up and I can hear his whistle.

And someone is making cup o’ noodles in the kitchen… smell reminds me of high school lunch.

Basketball and other things

Okay, so stop me if I’m wrong here, but I find it a bit out of place to look out the window and see a bunch of co-workers playing basketball on their lunch break… shirts and skins.

Even scarier is when they actually have referees… with uniforms and whistles and everything.

Don’t these people have work to do?

In other news, I’m still recovering from this weekend… after the karaoke bar incident on Thursday, two parties on Saturday and another on Sunday, I’m pretty wiped out. I even had to pass on another party on Friday…

Once again, I need vacations from my vacations. I so cannot wait for the three day weekend. I think I’m deliberately not going to do anything… just sit around and do nothing, clean, laze around… etc.


Brunching Shuttlecocks ran a feature yesterday on Infrequently Asked Questions. What’s scary is that I actually recognize one of the FAQs. And I know the answer.

The Humans, the Syreen, the Chmmr and Spathi.


Kevin Smith MARATHON

Okay, well it wasn’t quite a marathon, but I finally saw Dogma on Friday night, Mallrats on Saturday morning, then watched the sneak preview of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back on Saturday night. (Just like some of you.)

I am so glad I saw Dogma and Mallrats before watching J&SBSB, because the whole movie was one long in-joke (interspersed with way too many homosexual jokes).

The large group of people is back in the house. They all gathered Thursday night, and left Friday morning to go to some big airsoft thing in Reno. No more than 30 minutes after everyone is in the house, and two people are taking showers and everyone’s in separate rooms, the circuit breaker trips… first time in this house. The scary thing is that it didn’t really take much more than we normally use on a daily basis to trip it. We’re livin’ life on the line, baby!

I started to organize my comics again today, but got most of the way through before realizing I’m going to need another longbox.

I was bored earlier today, so I hooked up ye olde SNES and played Super Metroid once through. Damn, I love that game.


I realized yesterday that the gas gauge on my car was only at half a tank, but then thought back to when I actually bought gas last. It was two weeks ago. At this rate, a tank of gas is going to last me a month.

It’s amazing what not having to drive to Oakland once or twice a week does to save on time and money.

Of course, now that I’m using so little gas, prices have dropped $.40 from the last time I checked.

Mutual dumbassness

So I’m looking at my online bank statement and I see a large charge which I don’t recognize with a check number way higher than my current checks, so I call up BofA and get a customer service representative. She says that sometimes transactions will get assigned arbitrary check numbers if they’re authorized via other means, but I couldn’t remember anything for that amount. So she puts me on hold.

About ten seconds later it occurs to me that it’s the large setup charge for the DSL that I paid via PacBell’s e-bill service, and I wait for the lady to come back on the line, thinking of the way to make myself look the least like a dumbass.

About a minute later I look down at the phone and realize that she didn’t put me on hold, she hung up on me.

Oh well. No harm done, right? I didn’t authorize anything to be cancelled, and this way I don’t have to embarrass myself in front of her.

Dumbass mistakes cancel each other out, and the karma of the universe is maintained.

What a wasted day.

The IS guy still isn’t here. I can’t get ahold of him via phone or email. It’s time to pull the next step in any corporate environment.

I’m gonna have my boss call his boss. That’ll light a fire under his rear.

(Man, at least he could have the decency to send an email to tell my why he hasn’t shown up all day)

IS Guy

So it’s 3:30, and the IS Guy isn’t here yet. He’s not answering his phone or responding to email, but I know he’s here today because he dropped of the machine this morning before I got here.

I’m afraid to leave my desk for the shortest amount of time, because I know he’ll show up when I’m gone.

I really have to go the bathroom.