I’m losing my mind

I knew that I had preordered Kingdom Hearts from ign.com, but couldn’t find the email. Without the email, I didn’t have the order number, and without that I couldn’t check the status. The email must have been caught by spamassassin and I didn’t pick it out of the spam folder before deleting it.

So I couldn’t remember, and was all ready to go buy it… when I got an email notification saying it had shipped. Good thing I didn’t order it again or something.

I suppose I could blame this on low blood sugar from Yom Kippur yesterday or something. Been feeling very spacy all day.

And another thing…

I hate it when I remember the thing I was going to include in the last entry, but it’s not enough to make a full entry on…

I recently finished reading “Blood Music” by Greg Bear. It seemed awfully familiar, as if I’d read it before, but I know I hadn’t. Then I realized it reminded me of a short story I read during high school. This week, I bought a collection of Greg Bear’s short stories, and it turns out that Blood Music was indeed based on a short story of the same name, and after reading it, it turns out it was the same story that I had read.

Funny how a story that I read so long ago, and that stuck in my memory, turns out to be written by an author that only recently has become one of my favorites.

So, Yom Kippur just started an hour and a half ago. I didn’t drink enough water today. I hope I can make it.

I’ve been playing around with all sorts of emulators for my laptop. I even got my Sidewinder game pad working on it. Fun fun fun.

Toys! Toys! Toys!

I bought a bunch of Transformers at Toys R’ Us on Wednesday. Heh heh heh.

Once again, my face is famous. On the newly launched Yahoo! / SBC DSL page, click on “Tour”, then on the “Premium Features” rocket. For those of you who don’t know what I look like, I’m the guy with the fishing gear, and his kid.

Is it time to go home yet?

Full update in a bit.

Been holding out on my “last day of New York” entry until I got the images up.

Of course, since we’ve gotten back, I got sucked into Mario Sunshine, then the DSL started acting up. I’ve got to delve back into PacBell tech support. Once I get that worked up, then images. Then the full entry.

Waiting for Kinko’s

So we’ve been here in New York for a while now. There’s all sorts of things I’ve only heard about that I’m seeing first-hand. The Ed Sullivan Theater. Flocks of Taxicabs. People fighting over taxicabs. Flocks of pigeons. Lots and lots of Jewish people everywhere. That Brooklyn accent.

Then there’s the things that only happen when an anime con happens in New York. A guy dressed as Wolfwood from Trigun walking down the street in Times Square. That Brooklyn accent singing in Japanese at Karaoke.

Then there’s the other things. The hotel elevators that go so fast that your stomach lurches and your ears pop. Actual weather, not that namby-pamby weather we have in California.

So my job at newsletter has been pretty much as I expected. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can compose the PageMaker file in conops, then generate a PDF and mail it to Kinko’s from the broadband in my room, then have them deliver it (if I’m lucky.. pick it up if I’m not).

Having a 28.8 dialup shared between all of these laptops is interesting… we can IRC and other low bandwidth things, at least.