Whee Fanime Con

So for those of you who may not have been paying attention, for the last few months I’ve been stressing out about a little anime convention in Santa Clara known as Fanime Con, which was last weekend. I ran the Dealer’s Room, which was bigger this year than ever, and was in the Convention Center for the first time.

Much of my pre-con stress stemmed from the same two issues that plagued me during the con: Being in the convention center and the dreaded bootleg policy. Being in the convention center involved using the teamster’s union, and I didn’t realize how seriously they wouldn’t let dealers load in their own stuff almost until I got there. Of course, the dealers were almost as surprised as I was, and therefore found themselves with an unforeseen expense for loading (as relatively inexpensive as it may have been).

The bootleg policy is a subject I’m quite sore about, and perhaps I’ll talk about at another time.

Besides the fact that I barely got out of the Dealer’s room until Saturday evening (since being there Thursday afternoon), and even after that didn’t leave much… it was a decent convention. I took some pictures, they should be up… tomo^H^H^H^H… soon^H^H^H^H… whenever the hell I feel like it.

I know I said this last year, but this year I mean it: I’m not doing this again. No more running a room. Yeah, getting an All Access badge and being able to slip into any part of the convention is nice and all, but it’s just too much stress. I’ve been doing this for waaaay too long without a break, and I’m stupidly also doing two other conventions, which I somehow got roped into running departments for as well.

I’d like to point out that over the course of the weekend, I received more back rubs that I think I’ve received in the rest of my life put together, and most were from people of the female persuasion. Ironically, I still feel tense.

In other news, I just got an Amazon.com shipment with loads of Transformers and Batman: The Animated Series goodness, along with Dungeon Siege. I heard it’s good. I think I shall play it.

Dang, man.

I go to Fanime Con for four days and you people never shut up. I had to wade through six pages of blah blah blah my life is this blah blah blah my life is that…

Hmmm perhaps I’m getting a bit rowdy, I should look into this “sleep” thing. Perhaps I’ll write an actual post about the con in the morning.

My day is officially made

I just received my The One and Only Narbonic Two-Dollar Minicomic in the mail.

The envelope had gerbils drawn on it, and because I had it shipped to work, had a big monster/wookiee shouting “Yahoo!” on the back (in addition to a weird Mexican lizard thing). Of course, the mail room had to open it to make sure it wasn’t a bomb or Anthrax or something.

I tells ya, if you can’t trust mail that has gerbils drawn on it, what can you trust?

Spirited Away

We went to see Spirited Away in the city today, then went to Chevy’s with the CAA kids. I’ll say more later, running out of spac

35 * $1.99

I was at the grocery just now. It appears as though this week’s TV Guide has thirty-five variant covers, celebrating some anniversary of Star Trek.

They must realize that Star Trek fanboys will go out and buy all 35, earning them a quick buck. This is, of course, in addition to the many variant cover sets of Star Trek they’ve already done.

I’d love to be the marketing genius who realized that particular cash cow.

Well, DUH.

So we had a BBQ over the weekend (and I got a little reddish around the face) so Ken was in town. He used this opportunity to pack his stuff and pile it in the corner so Kirstin can actually live in the room. In the pile of mail was a slip for a registered mail that was waiting at the post office, which he signed for me to pick up.

So, this morning I wasn’t quite awake, and decided to stop by the post office to pick up the letter (as it is on the way to work). As I approached the post office, I saw what appeared to be a line coming out the back. A light bulb suddenly appeared over my head.. Abort abort abort!

The letter can wait until tomorrow.

Slumber party!

So pretty soon, Chico’s gonna be here. Tomorrow, Ken and Wynne are coming back into town, and Mara’s driving down. Curse is probably sticking around.

It’s gonna be a slumber party! We can do each others nails, and play truth or dare… maybe even have a *gasp* pillow fight!


I think I’ll cruise the random journal link.

Only this time, I think I’ll make an effort to actually comment on people’s entries.

Whee! Here I go!

Alternately caring and not caring about my physical appearance isn’t doing wonders for my sticking to a diet.