Okay, so first part: It happened again on the crosswalk back to my car. Argh!

Second, on the drive home, I got a call from my Grandmother. Apparently she thought it was my birthday, which isn’t until… well, today. The funny part is that it actually took the two of us a good minute to figure out which of us was mistaken. Between the two of us, we don’t really have set schedules, and I wasn’t looking at a calendar. It wasn’t until I knew it was Tuesday and she realized she’d gone out to dinner the night before (therefore making that Monday night) that we figured out it was, in fact, October 25. We are too alike. You may now start making fun of me for comparing myself to a 90 year-old woman.

Played a little bit more of Ultimate Spiderman. I bought that game when every store seems to be out of Shadow of the Colossus, but it turns out to be worth the price. Being written by Brian Michael Bendis shows, and makes it worthwhile to try and play through the missions.

People came over, then took Dom and me out to birthday dinner (as we’re both going to be playing Magic tomorrow). Came back and watched the end of the world series game, which was (gasp) still on.

Oh, and I’m am a hair’s breadth away from unlocking everything on Meteos now. I just need 150 more Zoo meteos, which is one good game, so I’m going to go do that right now and go to sleep.

Edit: Unlocked everything. Yay.

People who I don’t like

Action that, when taken, immediately makes my opinion of you go down to “moron” or lower:

Pushing the crosswalk button or elevator button when I’m already standing there waiting for it.

Hello! I am not a moron and standing here without pushing the button. By pushing it, you are insulting my intelligence and disrespecting me, and therefore deserve no respect. Especially with elevator buttons where you can already see that it’s pushed.

I’m sure I’ve ranted about this already, but it happened not once, but twice today. At the same crosswalk.

Oh, yeah. LiveJournal.

Oh, yeah.

I suppose I should say that I made it back from Indiana. I thought of a few things to blog about when I was away from the internet for almost *cue dramatic music* A WHOLE WEEK.

But right now, I’m at work, trying to tie up loose ends that don’t need tying, it seems.

Well, here I am.

Was in Indianapolis last night and this morning, and I’m in Evansville right now. Crossed from Eastern Time to Central Time, but didn’t have to change my watch. Ah, Indiana.

Got to see both of my grandmothers so far. There’s a “free day” of sorts tomorrow, which I am probably going to spend in the hotel.

I haven’t taken any pictures yet, boo on me.

Randomness via the school directory

So, the school directory is up and running, and I went and added mine. I then noticed there were three people with BOHS as their high school. The first was a bit too old for me to know, so I click on the second, . Noticing that he only went to BOHS for two years, then went to school in Faribault, MN for two years then Berkeley… OMG It’s Scott! Random comment in his journal and friended him.

Click on the last one, . Hey, she’s my brother’s age, I wonder if I know her, read the profile “I quit working at the Game Castle…” OMG it’s Shirley! Okay, so I don’t know her as well, so no friending there, but still, powerful random.

This lines up with another random encounter that I just realized I forgot to mention. Sitting in the cafeteria at Yahoo! I noticed someone walk by who I used to work with in the computer center at Berkeley. This puts the “get up from my seat, stopping the conversation with my coworker to randomly catch up with and say hello to a random person I know walking by in the cafeteria” count to four or five.

Small world.

In another note, since I’ve got this window open, I will be heading back to my native land of Indiana for a week, starting Wednesday. Because, last I checked, they still have internet in the midwest, I should still be around, but I will not be on FFXI, as my laptop is still a Mac and, sadly, does not run it.


So now that I started playing Magic again, I’ve had the actual urge to go back and finish cataloging the last year’s worth of cards, which have been sitting in somewhat sorted piles in a corner of the downstairs room. The way they’re stored is in folders with 9-card sleeve pages in them, and I use a printed out checklist to keep track of which cards we have. (Part of the goal of all this was to try and collect at least one and no more than four of every card ever printed.)

The old way I used to make these checklists was to take the official checklists from the WotC and drop them into Excel, format them there and then copy them into Word. Well, that stopped working when I tried it. And that whole method was a pain in the ass, anyway, so I decided to install MySQL, PHP and other stuff onto my Powerbook, dumped all the card data into a database and made a web page that I formatted with CSS to make look like I wanted.

I managed to print out all four of the sheets I hadn’t done yet very quickly. They don’t look perfect, but now, doing further sheets will be much easier. And I also have a working PHP/MySQL install on my laptop, which is fun!

On a completely separate, yet equally geeky note, you are all ordered to watch Serenity. Of course, the hard-core of you have already seen it last night or today, but I’m not going until tomorrow afternoon. But, yeah…. go! Unless you’re trapped in the middle of Montana or something.