Once again, Spring.

Nature is an amazing thing. Birds have the ability to navigate while migrating south for the winter, finding the same nest in the same tree that they used the year before. Then they fly north again and find the same tree and the same window and run into it over and over JUST LIKE LAST YEAR.

The bird is back. Neil Patrick Harris, however is not.

Number four

Yes, I know I’m not posting much, I promise to do real posts. I swear! I’m not just saying that and I swear this post isn’t automatically generated. To prove it:

I’m a real Dark Knight now!

Unlike the other four jobs I have at AF levels, I think Dark Knight might get put on hold at 60 while I do other things. I’m normally single-minded about the jobs I level in FFXI, so this is a new thing for me.


[Obligatory “I’m not dead, I’m just bored” post]

Got my Powerbook back, with no cost to me. Yay AppleCare.

We had to mail off our XBox 360, stupid red rings of death. So no DMC4 for Hung and no Lost Odyssey for me (which I haven’t even bought because it came out after the rings showed up). We did, of course, get Smash Bros. I keep forgetting to look up the friend code when I’m at home, though.

I finally used up my 7 day trial of Lord of the Rings Online. It took a bit to get into it, but I think it could have been a game I could play, if I knew anyone else who played and I had the free time to do so. It has a system that is dangerous for obsessive compulsive collectors: the Deed system. They’re like quests in WoW that you don’t have to sign up for, and when you’re done you get a slight upgrade to your character; cosmetic or functional. So you have to go around and do things like kill 60 spiders in the Bree-lands or visit all nine ruins in the Shire, or use a certain ability 350 times, and each one is tracked separately. It’s a smart way to keep people playing and to give them a real incentive to do things instead of just grinding through monsters for experience points. All in all, though, the game felt like a less-polished version of WoW, but with hobbits.