Fighting my programming

So I’ve always tossed around the idea of making a second PC so I could do other things while playing FFXI that I couldn’t do on my Mac (like play FFXI on a second account, but I don’t know how likely that would be now). I started thinking about it again, as I found that a Ventrilo server that I’m about to start using isn’t using the one single codec that allows the Mac version to connect, so I’d have to connect to it in the background. That’s not really a big issue, but it got my mind turning again, I started thinking… it’s only $50 for a cheap processor, $70 for a motherboard, $80 for a hard drive, $70 for a video card, $5 for a keyboard, I already have a case, monitor, mouse, optical drive.

Then I do the math, and realize that for only $200 more I could buy a Mac Mini with a Core Duo processor and just use Boot Camp. Then I have to fight the years of brainwashing that Apple has invested in me. I don’t need a fourth Mac.

Yes, that’s me. The Manchurian Consumer.

I just ate an entire three tiered wedding cake in one sitting.

In Kingdom of Loathing.


Yesterday, this is what I did at work:

10-11: Meeting (Presentation of last two week’s worth of work)
11-12: Meeting (Review of last two week’s worth of work)
12-12:30: Lunch
12:30-2: Email, small amount of work
2-3: Meeting (Bi-weekly staff meeting)
3-6: Meeting (Planning of next two week’s worth of work)

I feel sorry for the guy who was in every single one of those meetings as me, and also had a 1-2 meeting.

And on a side note, I watched the first episode of Heroes last night, and at some point I realized, “Hey, that looks like Tim Sale’s art…”

Followup to previous post

It’s hilarious to see the people in the comments saying so vehemently “this is so fake” just because blah blah blah something something photoshop battery on outside blah blah blah and I know 100% that it happened because I was there.

People on the Internet can be so unintentionally funny sometimes. Funny in a way that makes me scared for the future of our species.

Because I have to use this icon every year…

Heh, the LiveJournal banner on top of the page is done up like a ship… I wonder if that’s special for today. On second inspection, the user icons have eyepatches (), so it must be. … It also says “Update Captain’s Log” on the submit button. These guys have way too much time on their hands.

Anyway, stuff is happening. Working, FFXIing, Magicing (Time Spiral Prerelease this weekend, joy!).

My car is getting considerably dirtier because of all the trees in the parking lot here at work or something. What’s kind of funny is that almost every single car in the lot is filthy, so I’m not alone. One of them has “PLEASE C” wiped into the dirt on the back, I’m guessing that’s as far as someone got into “PLEASE CLEAN ME” before they chickened out and ran away. On a similar note, I saw the car with the license plate “WASH ME” again on the way back from work, almost in the same spot.

FFXI is moving along slowly. I haven’t been putting as much time into my chocobo as some other people, and I got started late so I know when to expect certain things. In two days, my chocobo will be ridable! Yay! I’ve got my Paladin up to 71 now, and I decided to take up Woodworking so I have a “real” craft, and eventually useful to repair Lu Shang’s Fishing Rods in the field. Most of the crafts I’ve been doing so far have been break-even or profitable… in theory, if they ever sell on the AH. I got undercut on Uchitake by 1,000, and I still have 5 bundles to sell. I think I’ll hold off listing the last few so that the number listed doesn’t go too high, encouraging people to undercut even further. Of course, the last few times I’ve been spending crafting have been cutting into my fishing time, so that’s sort of counter productive…

Well, it’s about friggin’ time!

From the iTunes 7 release notes:

Gapless Playback
Live albums, classical works, or any work that sounds best when it’s continuous, now seamlessly transitions from one song to another.

I’ve been waiting for this one forever. I have a few albums that are like this, but when I listen to them in iTunes, I get an annoying skip inbetween tracks. But in order to get this on my iPod, I’m sure I’d have to buy a new one…

A threshold moment

For the first time ever, I have ordered a pizza using the Interweb(tm).

Now, if only I didn’t have to actually get out of my chair to answer the door when the guy gets here…

There must be something to it…

Remember how I said that the job I currently have was the first job that I was contacted multiple times for, and it must be fate?

I’ve now been contacted four times for a position at Gaia Online. But the second two were both after I already went down, interviewed, and wasn’t selected for a position. Yet people keep contacting me about a job there. Either my resume really screams “Gaia, hire me!”, they can’t find anyone they like, or there’s some insane turnover there (which probably isn’t the case)…