Just about a year ago, I made an entry about a cute Flash animation and I couldn’t stop playing over and over.

Well, the sequel just came out. (And here’s a direct link to the first one, which you should watch first if you haven’t already.)

Thanks to for the heads-up!

(This also gives me a chance to use this icon again…)

All systems are go!

Plane tickets have been purchased. Hotel room has been reserved. I’m going to Sakuracon!

Hooray for going to an anime con that I’m not staffing!

It’s finally happened…

As some of you may know, I haven’t had the best of luck playing Magic: the Gathering lately. And by “lately” I mean for the last 9 months or so. I’ve been on a losing streak. A bad luck streak that’s turned into a belligerent sort of “giving up before I even start” type of thing. Everything has been going wrong, most of which is out of my control (yes, I’m not so ignorant that I’ll say none of it is my fault. I make mistakes).

Magic Complaining Within


Evidently, the picture of Mike Wright’s duck that’s in one of my picture galleries is being used all over the internet by various people. Only since I switched webhosts was I able actually check referers to see where it is. It’s a bunch of forums people using it as their avatar, people putting it in their profiles.

Because, you have to admit, it is an awfully good picture of a duck.

This opens up all sorts of possibilities for image replacement.


Was behind on work. Missed three days of work for Anime Overdose. AOD made me tired. Have to call mom. Full update to follow. Back to work. End of entry.