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Catching up
May 4, 2004, 4:19 pm
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First things first. I have, for the first time in almost six months, updated my photos page. Of course, I haven’t really taken that many pictures since then, so it only amounted to two albums.

There are two other miscellaneous pictures not in there, one I think I mentioned before. When I was moving upstairs, I tried moving my Lego Star Destroyer, but it fell apart as I moved it. So I disassembled it completely, then reassembled it upstairs.

The other is a bit more troubling. As anyone who knows me knows, I have never set foot within a Starbucks. I even was right outside the original Starbucks in Seattle, but didn’t go in. I’ve lived within a relatively Starbucks-free zone, but this is changing. Right now there are not one, but two Starbucks being built dangerously close to my house. I took a picture of one of them being built. They converted a Pizza Hut, and took out part of the dining room, to build it. The other is being built in a new strip mall.

To show you the precarious nature of the Starbucks encroachment, I have created a map.

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