To Fanime!

Off I go to Fanime! (Well, after I pack.)

And the current song is a coincidence, I swear.

A first!

So, for the first time in this job search, a company actually had the decency to contact me back and tell me I wasn’t right for the position, unlike every other company, which has just stopped answering emails and never gets back to me. Although the pace has slowed from that initial barrage when I first posted on hotjobs, I’m still getting inquiries, some of which sound genuinely interesting.

So, the happy thing about FFXI that I was going to post before but didn’t because of the car thing:

Happy FFXI images within

History repeats itself.

Pep boys just called. When the guy changed my oil last time at the smog check place, he put the wrong oil filter on.

This is the second time this exact same thing has happened! It must have something to do with my car… like there’s a manual out there of Make/Model -> Oil filter type that has an error or a typo or something.

10 head -> desk
20 goto 10

This was my day, how was yours?

Let’s just do this one in chronological order, shall we?

I woke up earlier than I planned and couldn’t fall back asleep, so I killed some time before I had to head up to San Francisco for a job interview. Yes, this would a job in the city, yes it would be an hour train ride each way, yes that’s still a major consideration in the job, but we’ll see what happens anyway. The parking lot at the Sunnyvale station was full, so I ended up parking in three hour parking for six hours, and hopefully I don’t get mailed a ticket or something.

The day continues.

This is getting ridculous

Wednesday, Thursday… recruiters. Friday, three calls for Leon (at 8am, 9am and 10am). This morning, fire alarm testing in the building.

Early to bed, early to rise

So where did I leave off? Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday I was awoken by recruiters. I can’t remember Friday, but yesterday and today I was woken up early again as well. Yesterday it was some guy with a big metal ladder clanging right outside my window, and this morning (at 8 a.m.!) it was another recruiter.

Yes, I appreciate all the chances to get a job, but my sleep… my precious sleep…