Dragon Con

I just bought plane tickets, I’m going to Dragon Con for sure now. No more waffling.

I had to fly out of SFO to avoid transferring, but it should be worth it for the peace of mind, especially on the redeye there.

I never know the depths of rage, frustration and directed anger until I try to update a FFXI update.

Stupid Square Enix doesn’t understand the concept of beefing up server banks to handle increased load. So now 90% of their users get a stupid POL-1160 error (“the network is busy”) another 9% start downloading but get interrupted and lose all their progress (“we don’t know how to program an updater that saves its progress”) and something like less than 1% actually get through it all and get into the game. (“We sold our souls to the devil.”)

People keep saying they should use some BitTorrent type update. It would certainly be better than this stupid system where nobody can connect because we’re all trying to connect. The last time, it took me more than 24 hours to finally get connected and back in the game. This time doesn’t look like it’s going to be any faster.

I want a fourth button next to “Network Connection Information”, “Retry” and “Exit” labeled “Stab the person at Square Enix who thinks that the current system works and since everyone keeps paying their monthly dues there’s no reason to change anything.” then one next to that that says “Move update servers to North America so the Japanese players that are currently all getting nice quick updates have to sit through this frustration that all the rest of us are feeling.”

Bad user interface to have all that text on a button, but hey, I’d hit that fourth one over and over and over and over and START THE DAMN DOWNLOAD AGAIN YOU STUPID PROGRAM I JUST WANT TO GO TO SLEEP.

We are not cool…

… because the air conditioner is out of commision. It was going bad, and the repairman had to take out the parts that weren’t really working, anyway. He said that when we were using it, it wasn’t cooling well (which pretty much fits the behaviour I was seeing) and that it was on the path of breaking down completely. So by Monday, I’ll be out a chunk of money, but have a working a/c again.

For the time being, I went to Fry’s and bought a floor fan, and now we have a breeze in the house. It’d work, except that I really don’t want to have to leave my bedroom door open to get it working.


No, I’m not speaking in my native hamster tongue. It’s the air conditioner. It’s squeaking. It still works, it’s just a wearing belt or needs to be oiled joint or something that’s simple, yet will require a call to an a/c person to fix.

*sigh* Right before summer, too.

Falling blocks.

As I mentioned in passing before, I bought Meteos for the Nintendo DS. It’s scarily addictive, and for the entirety of AX, and a bit after, I would see falling blocks whenever I closed my eyes. I’d recommend it to anyone I know who owns a DS. Oh, wait… that’s none of you.

Did a bit of shopping today, ended up at Fry’s and saw someone I knew there. I was also briefly at Sunnyvale Golfland and saw someone I knew there, too. Didn’t see anyone else at the other places though.

After listening to waaaay too much radio advertising, I can officially say that the marketing gimmick of “Verb one, Verb two, Repeat” is now old. I declare it so.