Hooray! Short work week!

I finally found my OS 10.2 disks. I had bought them back in August when it first came out, when I was in New York for AXNY, but only got to install them on my laptop, and never got to install it on the Cube. Well, I knew it had to be in with my AXNY stuff somewhere, but I could never find it. Yesterday, when I was cleaning my room and going through stuff to either throw away or move into boxes, I found the little slipcase with the two CDs in it. Hooray!

The reason for the cleaning was to try and make room for the old TV in my room, so I can set it up for DDR down there and not have my DDR activities restricted by who’s watching TV. Once I get that set up, and I get my Cobalt Flux pad (which is still “Pending”… I assume they make them to order so it takes a while… a bit longer and I’ll have to ping them) I should set up a regular exercise schedule…

The reason the TV can go into my room, is that there is a new TV to replace it in the office, courtesy of desslok, who just moved in over the weekend.

I just got a cdjapan order of about seven CDs… working through it, rating everything… oh and working. Stupid project from hell heck is taking up waaaay too much of my time recently.

Degrees of something.

So, I just had yet another friendster request (hi, Ryan!) and after I added him, I went to his profile page. The database hadn’t updated its connection lists, so I couldn’t click on any of his twenty or so friends, except for four. The odd thing is, those four friends were already in my network. Two of which were through someone that doesn’t surprise me, but one of which was through my coworkers.

Small small world.

An amusing story from today’s BBQ… Lynda was inside the house watching TV, and we needed to get ahold of her, so Dana hopped onto IRC on his laptop outside and joined the channel… “PTG: Your burger is ready!”

Yes, we’re very lazy people.

The last thing!

The last thing I forgot from my previous post is unfortunately pretty lame by itself, but i’ll forget it otherwise.

I may have mentioned it or not, but when iTunes 3 came out, I went through and used the “My Rating” feature on all my music. I didn’t do much with it until recently, when I made Auto-Updating playlists that restricted random play to certain ratings. To give an idea:

Ratings Songs Size Play Time
1-5 5460 14.88GB 11.4 days
3-5 3725 11.32GB 8.7 days
4-5 909 3.07GB 2.3 days
5 103 350.1MB 6.2 hours

I didn’t bother making a 2-5 playlist, because I don’t have many 1 star songs anyway, and those I do are marked “don’t play” in the library. I keep them in there because sometimes I want to listen to an album in its entirety, no matter what the rating of the song.

The nice thing about this system is that my default playlist (3-5) is long enough to not repeat in a long time, if I only listen a few hours a day… and if I’m in a particularly bad mood, I can bump it up to 4-5 and only get “really good music”. So far, a day hasn’t happened where I’ve needed the 5 only setting, but who knows…

A buildup of things

Okay, I’ve been making mental notes on all of the things that I’ve forgotten to put into entries, and I managed to remember most of them. There is one in particular that I’ve re-forgotten, but I’ll hope to remember it before I finish this.

Bullet time!

Increasingly more of a liar

So there’s no real point in me posting either of the two new memes. Yes, I’m going to die at some point in the future due to some hilariously random factor, and I’ve met about half of you, and hugged most of the females that I’ve met. End of quiz.

I don’t know why I’m posting a lot, it must be because it’s the anime con season… even if I’m not going to all the anime cons. Yeah, that’s it.

So anyway… I noticed that the iSight is the first of Apple’s “iProducts” to be an actual pun…. I wonder what other potentials there are out there:

iDoctor? (Possibly) iForAnEye? (Meh) iLoveYou? (Too obvious) iZonely? (I kinda like that one) iOfMyApple? (Okay, getting really weird here) iTooth? (Heh)

Okay, folks… you know you want to share…

My Ruby-Quartz Visor Helps Contain My Optic Blasts!

Happy hamster. I got my Harry Potter book today from amazon. It comes in this nifty special box that has “Carrier: Please deliver on June 21 Do not under any circumstances deliver before June 21” written on it about four times.

I am seriously trying to talk myself out of buying an iSight. Of course the price tag is doing a pretty good job of dissuading me.

Once again, I’ve got one of those days at work where everyone wants a piece of me… why can’t they spread out their requests? Why must I go for days just piddling around on one project and then get four different people bugging me all on one day?


Oh, and this may look weird, because my last post said “only one post today?” but I forgot it was Tuesday, and now I’m making another post and making myself into a liar.

What? Only one post today? Yes, I’m a slacker.

I just finished playing with iChat AV with Alicia and Dana. It’s fun and all, but twenty minutes after I’ve fired it up, I get a random message from some AIM dude.

Twenty minutes, and I’m already in a conversation with someone who only wants to know who I am over and over, insult me, and call me a racist. I only kept it going because of the kitsch factor. At least he didn’t “a/s/l” me.

Now I just need to get an iSight to video chat…. but… $149? Hmmm… it’s a good thing there weren’t any new Powerbooks announced today, otherwise I’d be hurting financially, if you know what I mean.

Those of you who are of the more polite and educated persuasion may add me to their AIM/iChat buddy lists if you wish. My handle is, surprisingly enough, “Hamusutaa”.

Fanime wrapup

So, Chico finally woke up, and we tried getting Judy and ecafracs to lunch, but we kept on going to places that were closed. It seems that most of the restaurants aren’t open for lunch on the weekends around here… weird.

Afterwards, I went back to Fanime, but just ended up hanging out in the dealer’s room for a while, then wandering around aimlessly looking for people, but everything had closed.

I got home and just crashed, watched tv (even though the digital cable isn’t working quite right: no on-screen menus or premium channels and the pictures is very grainy… almost as if it’s analog cable, but with the stupid 3 second delay to change channels) made some popcorn and browsed the web. Eventually, Leon came home, then bigdumbthing showed up because gyoza wouldn’t let him drive home tired, or something like that. Then Leon’s brother showed up again (since he’s in town for a bit longer).

I resolved to take lots of pictures this weekend because I wasn’t doing anything else, but I didn’t end up taking that many. Here’s what I did take. Well, a screened version of them, at least.

Right now, I’m in bed, very tired, and I know that I’m not going to be able to fall asleep, because I can hear them moving and talking upstairs…

Addendums to Fanime entry

Two things that I remembered as I was trying to fall asleep.

First of all was the incredibly annoying kids who were sitting next to me in the movie. It didn’t start off bad, except for the constant moving around, talking to each other. It got really bad when one of the kids (probably about 3) decided he wanted to sit on grandma’s lap (who was sitting directly next to me) and start asking questions. Constantly. “Who’s in there? Is that his mom? What’s that thing? Who is that?”


Also, when we were eating at P’zza Chicago, when we all paid, Chico paid with his credit card. The guy came back and said “I’m sorry sir, but this card has been declined,” which got an “ooooooooh!” from the rest of us. He sat there dumbfounded as he reached for another card, when the waiter said “nah, man, I was just kidding,” and we all laughed it up, including Chico.

Ah, laughing at Chico’s expense… it never gets old. 🙂

Now, if he’d just wake up so we can go to lunch and I can get back to the con for the closing bits…


So, I went to Fanime after work yesterday, and ended up staying for a while. convinced me to enter the karaoke contest, and I ended up in 5th (out of 30) earning myself a free DVD. Woo! I also played a bit of DDR in the arcade.

I also had the weirdest deja vu moment, and a really cool epiphany moment later Friday night when I realized why. I saw a girl who looked familiar, but I couldn’t figure out forever where I had seen her. When I found it it was E from nekobox, and I when found out she was a friend of Greg Dean, and it finally dawned on me: I had watched the movie Greg made out of the webcam shots of a party he had, and she had been in that, and for some reason, I remembered her face. As I said, it was weird.

Saturday, I wandered back over to the con at a leisurely hour, and wandered around a bit, helped Scott set up and heckle the game show, and heckled (less intensely) the web comics panel. Then I went offsite to watch Hulk and eat pizza, then back to the con, where I just sort of hung out with people and wandered back home, where Chico and Rannie are spending the night because it’s so close to the con site.

I’ve seen almost everyone I know at the con, except Tomoko (who’s always off in some secret hotel meeting, or something like that), and a few others.