This might take a while…

Until today, I had one each of all of the previous 45 state quarters, all saved in one of those folders designed for such.

It is now almost exactly halfway through 2008, and I finally got a New Mexico quarter. I hope the other four aren’t as hard to find.

Quantum Programming

Quantum Programming: When the simple act of observing something in the debugger causes the program to behave differently.

a.k.a. “It works when I look at it.”

How was your day?

There are a few metrics I can use to determine how well my day is going.

The first is how many IM conversation windows I end up with at the end of the day. Today I’m at 6, which is pretty high.

Another is at what point I’ve finished the bugs which I was supposed to have finished yesterday and can start working on today’s bugs. By this measure, 5 p.m. is pretty awful, especially since we consider a working day to have eight hours in it.

This leads into the last one: what time I get home in the evening.


Edit: Salmoned!

Oh man, I forgot…

This post should have been on June 29th, but I spaced and missed it. But on June 29, ten years ago I first started working at Yahoo!. Four jobs, five managers, three computers, three phone numbers, nine christmas gifts, ten year-end parties, ten oktoberfest mugs, eleven stuffed hamsters, and probably close to twenty cubicles later, I’m still here.

ATTN: Internet

It is spelled “Sneak Peek”. Not “Sneak Peak”.

On a related note, something “piques” your interest, not “peeks” or “peaks”.