It’s been a week…

… so here’s your obligatory short entry to keep myself from getting nudged.

Looking for a job, sent out my resume to a few places, put it on, where, so far, only recruiters have noticed it, and I’m not too keen on that. I’d like to have control where I’m applying.

Still playing WoW. Got my Druid up to 50 so far, getting close to 51. Started a Mage on ‘s server.

Got Black Mage to 75 in FFXI, but I’m still lacking in the gear department. *Sigh* Will I ever get an Igqira Weskit? Next is leveling MNK to 18, as a sub-job for WAR, which is going to 37 as a full sub. Then after that is probably SMN to 37… and in the meantime I keep funneling my Miratete’s Memoirs into THF to get it to 37 without actually exping on it. This is mostly in preparation for taking DRK to 75, but I’m still not sure that’s the next job I want to take up. The Lure of BRD is too tempting. (I got it to 38 and it looks like the most expensive purchases I’d need to make are at 40, and it’s all just cruising along until the 70s… if only it didn’t take so many equipment slots for the instruments.)

RIP Water Bottle (1998-2006)

My laser printer is dead. Water Bottle, an Apple LaserWriter 16/600 was not quite working right for a while, with blinking lights that indicated service was required.

After taking it in for service and having them look at it for a week, they determined that it needed a replacement part that would cost $150, plus $30 labor. Even they recommended that it would be better to just give up and buy a new printer.

So now I have a new printer to buy.

2006! Now with more ’06!

I’d say “man I’m up late,” but for those of you who’ve been keeping track, it’s still early for me.

So happy 2006. This is the year where I will turn 30. This is a scary thing. A year of change, a year of new stuff a year of…. well, storms flooding out freeways and making travel plans be cancelled, at least that’s what the first part has been, anyway.

I should make a FFXI post. I’ve actually gotten back in the groove, which is a shame, because now is the time I promised myself I’d actually start looking for other employment.