Bits and Pieces

So, in addition to the “WASH ME” license plate I saw a few weeks ago, I just saw a “NOT2SQR” on a Prius on the drive home today.

The BK Stacker is proof that the fast food industry is fattening us up to eat us at some point in the future. (The whole Taco Bell “Fourthmeal” thing is another part of this.)

*clears his throat*

OMG it’s so hot in the walk from my air conditioned car to my air conditioned office! And the sun shining into my air conditioned house is making it like 79 instead of 78, which is what it’s supposed to be!

*runs away*

Only a test.

This is me testing if I got my email posting working on my new phone. And, hopefully, a picture of a hamster.


So, first things first, the air conditioning is working again. According the people who were here when the repairman came, the guy had to replace fuses and clean it out. Another $190, but it’s oh-so worth it.

I’ve been at my new job for three days now, and I’m still trying to get to the point where I can do actual work, getting things set up correctly with IT, fighting with the development environment on my computer, getting my computer set up with the access it needs for various things… and I’m doing all this with experience, I can’t even imagine how someone new to the company does this.

I also took some time while long installs were taking place to browse around the company directory. Some people I knew are gone, most are still there, but a select few have moved into completely random positions completely different from what they were doing before. Kind of like me, I guess.

Hello, moto.

Today was my first day at work in a long time. Of course, as the first day, it involved mostly getting things in working order, running around getting access cards and laptops (which I don’t have yet, need to get tomorrow morning) and making sure my development environment was ready for the real work that starts tomorrow.

During the course of the day, I pretty much realized that all of the problems I’ve been having with my cell phone recently (lots of static, people can’t hear me talk or I can’t hear them talk) weren’t just because of the crappy reception at my mom’s house, they were because my phone was just plain dying. So I bought a new one. A RAZR, in fact, but I haven’t had much chance to play with it, because as soon as I rushed home from the Cingular store, I ran into FFXI to do limbus, then when I was done with that, I got rushed off to dinner and SVGL.

To sleep!

Life’s little necessities

Of the many things I consider to be necessities of life, two of them are Internet access and Air Conditioning. Take a guess as to which two things were not working when I walked through the door into my house after being in a car for seven hours.

After power cycling both pieces of equipment, one of them fixed itself. As I am currently posting this, you can guess which one.


Finally going to be heading back up to the bay area in a few hours.

I managed to see Superman, Pirates and Click while I was here. (In Click, did anyone catch the dance that Christopher Walken did? He dances in every movie he’s in, remember?)

Still here.

Still at my mom’s house. The dogs are hyper and drive me a little batty at times, and the little one just got spayed. I’m sad I’m going to miss the Coldsnap prerelease, but I would have anyway because of an AOD meeting. (But I still could have gone on Sunday.)

So I couldn’t find a picture on, but there was this woman cosplaying as a Tarutaru Paladin at Anime Expo, I took a picture with my phone camera…
Kinda crappy, but better than nothing

Fireworks + Anime Fans = Bad News

Overheard as I walked through the courtyard at the Sheraton on my way inbetween shifts in the Karaoke room:

“Hey, ever had a roman candle fight?”

But anyway. Worked in karaoke quite a bit. Got to run through the dealers room in a quick 20 minute pass, and other than that, didn’t do much else at the con. When I wasn’t working in the room, I was usually up in the hotel room, decompressing or sleeping.

Back to civilization and the Internet, not necessarily at the same time.