As if by magic…

And once again, the Linux machine comes back online by itself, with uptime saying it’s been on this whole time.

Something smells…

Another Monday

In the grand tradition of Monday, the arm in the toilet broke as I was trying to flush it, and my Linux machine died again, just an hour after I’m at home to fix it, and a mere 8 hours before I’ll be home again.


Yay Windows 2000

So, since Windows XP finally released, that was the signal for the IS department to realize that they could probably get away with starting to install Windows 2000 on machines.

I got it installed on my machine here, which means… USB! Which means… Webcam!

Yes, it’s the HamsterCam: At Work Edition. This one might just stay on all the time, so you may see an empty cube quite a bit of the time. And yes, it’s freaky to see me as if I’m in two places at once.

Of course, I only own one webcam, so I might be moving it around. Then again, since Intel’s stopping their consumer electronics line, I might be able to pick up another one cheaps.

I hate Tuesdays

For the last few Tuesdays, someone has taken it upon themselves to drag a trash can from one end of the alley behind our house all the way to the other end.

Either they’re just now doing it, or I’m just now noticing it because I’ve been leaving the window open because we finally got around to being less dependent on the A/C… but either way it’s really frigging loud and it always wakes me up.

So Tuesdays suck because I never get enough sleep.

Also, last night I had a dream (or you might say a nightmare) that Nati still hadn’t left yet! The horror!

Once again, I had so many ideas driving to work about what to type into this thing, but I’ve forgotten them all.

Stuffed hamster update.

For all those of you who care… the current count of stuffed hamsters in my cube has risen to nine, two of which are motorized (one in a wheel, and one in a ball…).

Separation Anxiety and Other Astronomical Phenomena

So once again, today we had the semi-regular gathering of the old employees of the Unit 4 computer (or “computing”) center back at Berkeley. It seems that through some weird sort of cohesion, we still manage to stay in touch and try to organize events to get everyone together.

We actually got a significant percentage of our number this time around, only missing the two who moved out of state and the two who had plans that evening. After driving to the city (That’s San Francisco for you non-Bay Area people) and having Mexican food, we were standing outside the restaurant having a conversation on the sidewalk, wondering what to do next. Aside for the $6/hour parking spot I was in, I was perfectly fine with just standing around talking. We decided to actually do some sort of activity, and ended up at karaoke. I think I scared them with how familiar I was with the whole karaoke thing. I also learned that one of the other people who worked at the CC, but the year before most of us, is currently in Antarctica. We then joked that we knew someone who was on every continent…

After karaoke, we had the same sort of lingering. I guess that’s what you get when you haven’t seen each other in months and you know it will be months until you see each other again. It took at least three different attempts at “okay, I guess we’re done and we should disperse” from different people before we actually left. And then I managed to see every single one of them driving back down Van Ness. Only one of them saw me back, though.

Then, driving down 101, I happened to look up and see a shooting star.

Yes, I made a wish.

No, I’m not going to say what it was. But you can guess.

The plot thickens…

So my machine’s back… mysteriously.

But the uptime says it’s been on for 5 days (remember 5 days ago?) so something else must have happened.

Did the network cable become unplugged or something?

Someone better fess up, I hope this isn’t a repeating problem (i.e. a burnt out network card.)

[random cursing]

My Linux machine has died again.

I don’t know why, all I know is that it stopped responding to pings, yet the gateway still is up, so the power’s still on in the room.

Looks like I’ve got an interesting evening ahead of me.

WHY ME! DAMMIT! ARGH! Is it too much to ask for something that DOESN’T BREAK! I’m not even messing with it! I’m not installing new hardware, I’m not installing new software… I even gave up on trying to get the printer working again!