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E3 Day One
May 13, 2004, 1:20 am
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First things first.

That out of the way, the first day involved mostly scoping out the place, meeting up with people, and preliminary shwag collecting. I saw the Nintendo DS presentation, but that was pretty much the only thing I’ve waited in line for so far, but I anticipate a bit more line-waiting in my future. I missed out on the Squeenix showing, but I hope to get in on that tomorrow. I also managed to completely forget that the Magic Invitational was taking place at the Wizards booth. I managed to completely miss the Wizards booth, even after being reminded that it was in there somewhere. Twice.

Via Dom, I hung out with a bunch of people afterwards, the majority of which are coincidentally also characters in online comics. I played shoulder grammar angel / surrogate brain for Dom while he wrote his rant and played Crystal Chronicles, then drove back to my parent’s house well after traffic had cleared.

Of course, I managed to hit the same stupid “3 lanes merge into 1” on the 5 that I hit on Monday. I will have to avoid that in the future, stupid construction.

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