Before I forget…

I keep hearing a promo on Alice 97.3 for their morning show. It starts of with someone saying “Karaoke!” and then the two deejays singing a horrible rendition of a song.

Now, here’s the part that only a few people will find hilarious: The song is “Girls on Film.”

The long road.

So a few quick things, many of you know, but most don’t, but I bought a new PowerBook. Happy times ahead, it’s very shiny and pretty and it handles all the things the old one was having problems with. Once VPN and VirtualPC get properly ported to Tiger, I will be very happy. This also means that I have a spare PowerBook that I will either keep for use as a permanent portable karaoke server, or I may sell it once I no longer need it for VPNing to work.

But anyway, I haven’t been updating because I’m not angry. Yes, it’s true, if I’m not enraged, I’m less inclined to make posts. So what have I been up to? Well, FFXI, of course.

The long road… pictures and stuff inside.

Technology is sometimes our friend

  • Current status of mortgage payments: automatically deducted from checking account.
  • Current status of phone/DSL payments: automatically charged to Visa.
  • Current status of cable bill: automatically charged to Visa.
  • Current status of cell phone bill: automatically charged to Visa.
  • Current status of power bill: manual payment by check.

Four down, one to go.


Two weeks without an entry?