December 21st? Hah! Winter starts when I put the flannel sheets on my bed.

It started last night.

Belated Turkey Weekend

I think that over the course of the weekend I ate most of a turkey.

This is what happens when there’s leftovers that need eating, and Luke is either not here or glued to Civilization III too much to partake. It was, to be honest, a smallish turkey. But I was quite sleepy all weekend. I took naps.

I played quite a bit of Dragon Warrior VII. This game is very time-consuming. I’m at the 58 hour mark, and I’m still on Disc One. Well, right at the end of Disc One. Must… finish… game…

There and back again, part 2

Something I forgot to mention yesterday: as a part of my walking trip around Berkeley, I stopped in front of Bowles Hall and shouted “Hello, Bowles Hall!” and got the appropriate response. It’s good to see the traditions continue on.

I am actually quite sore from my wander around campus. I’m such a weakling now.

There and back again

So I played my GameCube quite a bit. Finished Luigi’s Mansion… it’s a short game, but very cool looking. Super Monkey Ball can be quite frustrating until I get a hang of the controls. Rogue Leader is more of Rogue Squadron and all that implies. Wave Race is Wave Race.

And I built the Lego Blockade Runner. I’d take a picture and post it, but I’m feeling quite lazy right now. The problem is now where to put it…

That gets us to Saturday Afternoon. Saturday Evening, I drove up to the city for dinner and the late showing of Harry Potter. Quite weirdly, only one other person in the group had actually read the book, so we had a bit of trouble actually discussing it without giving away future plot points. There’s also an inherent problem with watching a 10:45 showing of a 2 1/2 hour movie… especially when they show 20 minutes of previews, we got out of the theater at 1:30, and by the time I got to driving back, it was 2:00, and I was driving down the freeway, with Peto in the passenger seat passed out, watching meteors fly by on the horizon (I counted a total of ten in the 45 minutes I was on the road), finally made it home and crashed on my bed at almost 3:00.

Woke up at noon on Sunday, grumbled my way off to a FanimeCon meeting at 2:00, which lasted a surprisingly short amount of time, then drove up to Berkeley to kill time before I was going to meet a High School friend at 7:00. Remembered at the last minute that the CAA Member’s Only Marathon was going on that day, and peeked in just long enough to watch them play 10-player Bomberman during the dinner break.

I walked down and back up the Berkeley campus, and realized why I stayed in shape while I was a student. Man, that campus is slanted.

Had an intense catch-up conversation with a High School friend I hadn’t seen since our graduation day. Found out that even more of the people I knew are married. At this point it gets more of a “Yeah, okay, whatever” reaction than a shocked reaction. In fact, I think that I got a very odd sort feeling walking away from tonight. I got such a feeling of what’s happened in these last 7 years, and more of a sense that people have continued on with their lives. It helps with the whole nasty getting caught on the past thing that I’ve had problems with before. I may turn into an accepting, productive member of society yet.

I’m glad it’s a short week. I’m doubly glad there’s a four-day weekend.

How odd….

Just yesterday I had a very random thought pop into my head about high school. It was then followed by the thought that whenever I have a random thought pop into my head about high school, something happens regarding high school. I completely forgot until just now when I got a phone call from a high school friend whom I haven’t seen since graduation day, who’s now going to law school at Berkeley.

Also, today we were having a conversation about at work today, which I started for whatever subliminal reason.

If I’m going to be psychic, why can’t I channel lotto numbers?