Bored bored bored

I’ve been putting off this process at work for too long, but now something happened that made me have to do it… the process of migrating from an NFS-mounted /usr/local to an actually local /usr/local. It’s an automated process… I just didn’t know it would take over two hours… and it’s still going. So while it was going, I decided I’d pull out my laptop and the “karaoke machine” a.k.a. my FireWire hard drive…

…which is now refusing to be recognized by any of the computers I plug it in to. WTF!? It just decided randomly to stop working. I have to wait until I get home, then I can try the USB port… and if that doesn’t work, I might have to try directly installing it into my laptop to see if it was the hard drive or the enclosure. At this point, I don’t know which I’d rather it be… the enclosure, I guess, then I won’t have to reinstall all the stuff onto the hard drive.

Another day…

*gets a bit bored at work*

*browses friends of friends page*

*refrains from commenting on spelling and grammar errors in random people’s journals… barely*

By default… an entry

Because it’s been a week since an entry, and almost….. *scans down my recent entries page* ….. errr, okay, it’s been a while since any “real” content, hasn’t it?

Well, I’ve been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XI. I finally got in to the Shirt Ninjas linkshell, after being on the waiting list forever and getting “nepotized” in by meeting Greg Dean at Reccacon last weekend. (I have a feeling I would have gotten in soon anyway, as they were finally getting around to processing the waitlist.1) Speaking of Reccacon, I helped out with Karaoke as well, and recently finalized that I would be on karaoke staff for Fanime and Anime Expo as well. I’ve been working on re-doing the karaoke computer setup to work on a mac, which was mostly easy, as it was for Linux before, with PHP and MySQL and all sorts of fun things that port right over to OS X, the only hard part is changing the weird XMMS/pipe infrastructure that plays the songs into an iTunes/AppleScript architecture, which I’ve got mostly solved. It also lets us make the “karaoke computer” be an external firewire drive that can been booted off of, making any recent Apple computer into the server.

So… hmmm… what else….

Meh, I’m drawing a blank, here.

1There’s a waiting list because you can only have a certain number of people online with any given linkshell equipped at once, and they were hitting that limit. As people stop playing as much, they can slowly add more people.

Mmmmm enchiladas!

I have now had enchiladas in one form or another for the last five meals.

I’m also very sleepy at work now, but I think that’s completely unrelated to the enchiladas.

Warning! Korean!

I can’t remember where I found it — it was buried in an off-topic post in a forum somewhere — but this animation was very entertaining. The site and the music (I assume) are in Korean, but the animation is universal.

I hope I deep-linked that correctly, it was a pain, because the site is non-IE browser unfriendly and uses framesets all over the place.

My beautiful weblog.

Just once I want the folks over in the guestbook for my High School reunion to mention their son/daughter/baby without using the word “beautiful”.

This goes on top of the fact that most of them are married with kids, married or about to be married. Either the single people aren’t speaking up because they’re ashamed (which I’m not, by the way. I’m going to go by myself and be happy about it), or I’m going to be in the heavy minority.

This can’t be an uncommon lament.