You don’t get an update telling you about the last two days of Sakuracon. You don’t even get pictures.

You don’t get anything about FFXI, personal or global.

You get a meme.

I was suddenly reminded of an entry I was thinking of making but never did.

I went to Michael’s the other day for a… project… (which I took a picture of but haven’t put online yet, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. Some of you have seen it) and I saw something that made me a bit sick to my stomach. They sell self-contained, customizable mission kits now.

For those of you who didn’t go to public school in California, every student in the fifth grade (I think it’s fifth) has to make a model of one of the missions. I made mine out of sugar cubes and glue, other people used cardboard. Now all the kid has to do is buy one of these kits (they have different kits for different missions, of course), and they just assemble it with glue or whatever.

This doesn’t seem fair.

The other thing is, right next to Michael’s is the new Popeye’s that finally opened up near my house. The odd thing is that it shares a storefront with and has a connecting door to a pearl tea shop. Only in California can you buy a po’boy at the same place as boba.

The third thing that was mentally attached to this stuff was, on the way back from Michael’s I saw a sign for a real estate agent whose very appropriate last name was “Villanueva.”

A very long day

Got up at 4:15 a.m. to leave at 4:45 for what Katie and I thought was a 6:00 flight but was actually a 6:30 flight. It was a good thing we had that extra half an hour, because on the shuttle from long term parking, we stopped for a good ten minutes because some lady wanted to file a complaint that she slipped and fell in the parking lot or something stupid like that that couldn’t wait because she had a 6:30 flight and of course none of the rest of us on the shuttle were in a hurry or anything so we sat at a stop while the driver was on the phone with his supervisor or something.

That’s just 5 a.m…. there’s still 20 hours of this day left.

A Lost day.

Today was a lost day, in more ways than one.

I woke up with a stomachache, so I took some pepto and went back to bed. I was still feeling pretty bad, so the short amount of time where I thought I could actually work from home didn’t last, and I wound up back in bed.

I watched some more Lost, which I’ve been downloading. The show is moving a bit slowly for my tastes, and many of the episodes seem downright predictable, which isn’t exactly what you’d want in a show that’s supposed to twist and turn. But anyway, after one or two episodes, I was feeling weak, just lying in bed, but still… so I took my temperature. It was 99.99.

So great, I had a fever. I turned the computer off, drank some water and went to bed.

And that’s where I spent all of today, in bed. My temperature went up to 101.4 at one point, and I was starting to get worried, but that was the high point, and it came back down. I’m back at 98.6 last I checked, and I’m feeling much better. Of course, now, having spent the entire day in bed, my sleep schedule is totally out of whack… which isn’t good, because Friday morning I have to wake up scary early to get to the airport.