Candy candy candy candy…

Must… go home… and trick or treat… in Animal Crossing!

In other real-world news, I can say, for the first time, that “my car is in the shop.” Yes, I finally got around to fixing the horrible bumper falling off and dent in the side door. Drivin’ the rental… dealin’ with insurance. Oh yeah.

The Adventures of Andy: Episode 26

ANDY 42 Oct 29 10:00am
Series/Drama, 2 Weeks.

“Auto Repair”, Episode #26A10D.
Andy has his first bout with Automotive Repair and insurance claims.

Cast: Andy Scheffler, The Claims Guy, The Auto Body Guy, Luke Gottlieb, and Jerry Mathers as the Beaver. Director(s): Terry Gilliam. Producer(s): George Lucas. Writer(s): AAA Auto Insurance, Cal-West Automotive Repair, Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.

Original Airdate: October 29, 2002

Wow, this doesn’t happen that often.

So we were at Fry’s on Saturday (primary mission: purchase a new, cheap usb gamepad with better response than my current one so I could finish playing Super Metroid. Mission… completed) and we were perusing the anime section of the DVDs, and I saw two new animes that I wanted to try (that both happened to have music by Yoko Kanno).

The first one I ended up watching was Arjuna, and despite some of the negative criticism it’s gotten, I happened to like it quite a bit.

Of course, it’s a frigging Bandai title, so they’re only coming out with one three-episode disc every two months.

DAMN YOU, CHARLES MCCARTER! *shakes fist at sky*

Dear Lord, no!

I finally got my copy of the Beauty and the Beast DVD in the mail, and I looked at the extra features. One of them is “Mrs. Potts’ Personality Profile Game – Discover which character from the film is most like you.”

It’s true. Internet personality quizzes have broken into the mainstream. We will never be rid of them now.


Finally, working on this Kellogg’s project for Yahoo! pays off. The account manager just got an obscene amount of cereal, cookies, and other snacks delivered to his cube, free for the taking.

I took just about one of everything (I decided to pass on the Pop-Tarts), which comes out to about eight different boxes of cereal, three boxes of crackers and a box of cookies.

I’m only taking some of it home to share.

Random dream

So once again, last night I had the “hey, we’re all back in high school for some reason and OH NO there’s a test I haven’t studied for” dream. From what I hear, I’m not alone in this dream.

What’s funny is that I remember walking down the hallway in the high school with two other people, whom I can’t really tell who they were, and one of them says “Hey, this reminds me of college!”

Okay, it was funny at the time, I guess.

… back to work.

That’s a lot of games…

I went through the video game release schedule for the next two months, and wrote down what I probably will buy on a post-it in my cube. Here’s what it says:

Mario Party 4 (GCN) 10/21
Broadband Adapter (GCN) 10/22
Animal Crossing e-Reader Cards 10/28
Phantasy Star Online Episode 1+2 (GCN) 10/29
DDRMAX (PS2) 10/29
e-Reader Donkey Kong, Urban Champion, Ice Climbers 11/11
Sonic Mega Collection (GCN) 11/12
Metroid Prime (GCN) 11/18
Metroid Fusion (GBA) 11/18
Master of Orion III (PC) 11/19
Phantasy Star Collection (GBA) 11/25
Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland (GBA) 12/2
The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (GBA) 12/9

And that just gets me into December… there’s still quite a few things coming out late Dec. / early Jan (Zelda for GC, Final Fantasy XI, etc.) Also, weirdly enough, 5 of those 13 are reissued games. Of course, the cost per game on those is much lower (the e-Reader games are $5 each, and the PS and Sonic collections have multiple games on them).