Laa dee dah

I am not some object of amusement put on this Earth for the sole purpose of keeping people entertained.

That’s your job.

Spring Cleaning

So, I just cleaned my bathtub/shower.

The good news is; I’m no longer afraid that I was going to have my security deposit garnished because I left permanent discoloration on in the shower.

The bad news is; I’m going to have to live with the visual memories of cleaning that crap off.

The good news again is; I will never again let a shower get that dirty.

God bless fiberglass. All things considered, it cleans off quite nicely.

I feel dirty. It’s a shame I can’t really take a shower now to clean myself off… that wouldn’t quite work, the psychological damage has been done.


So Luke and I are walking back to my apartment, and there’s a letter stuck in my door. I jokingly say “wouldn’t that be funny if they were raising my rent.”

Of course, it was a notice that my rent was going up $150 a month, effective 7/1/01. Ironically, if everything goes as planned, I’ll be out of here before then… it’s just funny. Of course, it’s been three years and it’s only gone up once and it was only $50 at that.

So we’re going to look at this one place that Ken really likes, but it’s in Foster City. I have to accept that no matter where I move to, my commute is going to get longer, it’s just that this is going from 10 minutes to 40 minutes – each way. That’s an hour a day that I’d now be losing. Well, maybe less if I don’t drive during rush hour.

It had better be worth it, although at this point, saving the extra money may make it… but there’s always the option of another place that isn’t as far.

Well, at least this clinches it… I’m definately moving.

Revenge of the IRS

Leave it to the IRS to mail something on April 17th and then say on it “return by April 9th.” The letter is even dated the 17th.

So the vending machines at work are starting to run out of soda… even the ones on the uninhabited floors. Just a random thing I noticed.


So the “day after” at work is almost over.

It’s strange, because the company is physically separated so much, that word of mouth takes a while to spread. I’m still finding out the names of people I know who were laid off, in fact I just heard another one this second. I’m just dreading that I don’t make a major faux pas and ask “where is so-and-so, are they in today?” and just get stared at by my coworkers or something…

On a lighter note, it appears as though my clean install on Win98 on my computer is stable, now I have to go and reinstall a bunch of games, update them, and make sure they work for Saturday. Yay, LAN party.

D-Day part 2

It appears as though I have survived… for now.

But the carnage is brutal, ongoing, and still completely unknown from my point of view.


Well, we all have to be in to work tomorrow at 9am (EARLY) for orientation.

Folks, it’s D-Day at Yahoo!. In 24 hours, 12% of the company will have their severance pay and will be applying for unemployment.

Cutting hair and cleaning rooms

Cleaning my room is like getting a haircut…

You see, if you take a point in time that I just (cleaned my room/got a haircut) then it looks nice and neat. As time goes on, my (room gets messier/hair gets longer) at a very steady, but not that noticable rate. There’s never any one point where you can consider my (room/hair) to be “(messy/long)” because it’s so gradual. But the time comes when you can just realize one day that, “Damn, my (room/hair) is so frigging (messy/long)! It’s time to (clean it/get a haircut)!” and then I do, and it’s so noticable… and the cycle begins anew.