Now I remember…

Why did I stop listening to the radio?

For the last few days I gave it a try again. Almost every single day it’s been the exact same thing:

I get in the car and hear the last 20 seconds of a song that’s one of the five it seems the station plays over and over. Then I hear 15 minutes of commercials. Then the station announces the start of an hour-long block of commercial-free music just as I pull into the parking lot at work.

I shit you not.

Tweets for Today

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  • 12:31 Last night at Subway, the onion was so overpowering that everyone’s eyes were watering. #
  • 15:00 Hyper-combo finish! #
  • 15:57 Why are there ants at my desk? Where on earth are they coming from? #
  • 19:01 Someone keeps changing the default language of the test login we all use to German. This is getting annoying. #

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A full post

I suppose I should make a full post instead of just tweeting, although there are a few tweets that’ll show up tonight…

I helped run another convention (AOD) again this weekend — I’m down to only one per year for the most part. ConOps was once again rather quiet, which is a good thing. I did tragically send mistakenly into the depths of San Francisco with an improperly labeled map, and there was that pesky fire alarm on Sunday morning. (Although it wasn’t an attendee pulling an alarm, which was what I assumed it was).

Once again there were multiple things turned in to lost and found, including picture ids and other rather important items. The only two that were actually collected were a broken iPod nano and a cell phone that was out of battery…

It rained the whole weekend. The hotel leaked.

I ended up reinstalling WoW on my Powerbook (it had an old version on it without the most recent expansion) just so I could log in every hour to check for valentine’s day candy. I have a funny story about those, but the screenshot is at home, so I’ll post it later.