Glad my mom called me at 9am, for some reason I forgot the whole time zone thing and was thinking it was happening at noon. I caught the very end of the oath, then the address and the poet, which is where I probably should have gone back to getting ready for work…

New President! New CEO at Yahoo! New… World of Warcraft Patch… <_<


Focal review time is a mixed bag. It is the time of salary increases, but it also the time of justifying said increases.

I don’t suppose just putting “I worked on a bunch of bugs” would work for listing 2008’s accomplishments, as true as that statement may be.

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  • 14:53 shipped House Season 4 disc 1 before discs 2-5 of season 3. *foreheadslap* #
  • 18:40 Walked into a meeting feeling fine, walked out with a toothache. #

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