Everything old is new again

It looks like I might start using this again, if Twitter becomes dead to enough people. Of course, who can find me here? I’m talking to a void. Yes, there’s an RSS feed for this, and maybe RSS feed aggregation of blogs will become en vogue again.

I haven’t made a post to this blog in a while. I mean, obviously, you can see all the entries below this one in the list. This post composing tool looks neat. Dreamhost has been keeping this hosted WordPress instance up-to-date in the background and it’s gotten a lot better in the last few years.

I have no idea how much of a hurdle the comments are for people. I recognize the allure of just being able to type a response into a box without having to log in or enter an email or whatever, but the bots. Oh, the bots. Everything is horrible on the Internet. Speaking of horrible things on the Internet, I used to have Facebook comments enabled on this thing. I deleted that plugin.

The problem is that what is this for? What is any blog for? My dream on Twitter was to go viral, that never happened (unless you count the one time I got like 30 likes on a tweet “viral”) but that’ll never happen. And if it does happen, people will see the rest of the blog, copied from my LiveJournal, going all the way back to 2001 and oh god I don’t even want to think about what 2001 Andy was like…