*cough* It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Wow, two weeks, huh? As usual, I don’t update much when not much happens. I’ve been going on with the same ol’ stuff, bought and beat some new video games, still have some others to beat.

The most random thing happened a few days ago. I got a random AIM from some 15-year old. (I assume she was 15, because she had 2006 in her IM name, which I assume to be her high school graduation year.) She used a bunch of exclamation points, said some incomprehensible thing about investment, asked my a/s/l, then when I stopped responding, assumed I went to sleep and said she’d send me an email. The email was a Nigerian scam email.

I made a comment in IRC about this, and was kind enough to submit the quote to bash.org… :p

I spent most of the four day weekend at home, didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving this year, although I got quite a bit done around the house. I’ve been watching Full Metal Alchemist, I’m almost done with it. It’s been weird.

I got another batch of CDs today from amazon.co.jp. Thunderbirds 2086 soundtrack! Joy!

Another random stuff update

Yeah, I haven’t updated much recently. Again.

Saturday, we had a bunch of people over for shabu-shabu. Sunday, I went to Anime Destiny, the CAA-run one-day anime con, where I helped with karaoke, of course. (As a side note, this was the first con where we were entirely self-sufficent and used no rented equipment… although it was far from the ideal setup, it worked.) Last night, I unlocked my preloaded copy of Half-Life 2 and played it for a bit. It’s very pretty, but I need to tweak the graphics settings — it was stuttering a bit on the graphics-intensive areas. Tonight, I’m going to try and pick up Metroid Prime: Echoes… I’m going to be busy busy with those two for a while.

Parking here at work all of a sudden passed the saturation point again. They’ve been hiring so many people so quickly, then they just started a construction project putting security gates into the other parking lot. The construction office was set up over the weekend, and it’s taking up a good 10-15 spots, plus the spots that are lost because they’re roped off due to the construction — the lot is filling to capacity again, which prompted a nice long ranting thread on the non-serious tech email list.

Also, there’s a picture of me on the PlayOnline main page. (I’m right in the middle of the left shot of the Masquerade event… there’s a larger version of the picture in the slideshow inside the article.)

Okay, back to work.

[Inflammatory Subject Line]

[Mandatory gripe about presidential election]

[Enraged rhetoric about gay marriage banning]

[Pithy quote relevant to current liberal feelings]

[Depressed acknowlegment of 51% of the American people’s mental state]

[Profuse apology for overstepping bounds]

It will all be over soon… maybe.

I voted. Hooray. Now maybe we’ll have a decision in the normal span of time instead of like last time.

Also, it was him. He was at the table next to ours in the cafeteria today, and I overheard “you’re that guy with the website, aren’t you?”