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E3 Days Two and Three… Addendums
May 18, 2004, 12:02 pm
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This is going to be very random, but there’s a bunch of stuff I left out of my last post because I was tired.

First of all, a funny story. On Thursday, as I was waiting in the standby line for the Square Enix theater showing, after one batch of people was let in to the theater, I was in line about five from the front, basically guaranteed to get in at the next showtime. A guy from Blizzard, who was waiting in line way behind us, wanders up to the front of the line and asks us “Would any of you trade your spot in line for a slot in the World of Warcraft Beta?” And no one took him up on it. I just found that funny.

Also, I was looking for certain license plates all week, and I finally saw a “DRG” on the way back on Sunday.

Hmm, I just remembered, I have pictures I need to upload… but my laptop’s at home right now.

Okay, maybe not a “bunch of stuff”. I can’t remember anything else right now. I guess I can take this time to give the answers to the music meme.

Lyrics and answers

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