Ho Ho Humbug

Yay, Christmas. It’s weird, I think it might have been a gradual process, but this year I’ve gotten less into the “spirit” of the holidays. I used to like the whole holiday season, but now it’s gotten really saccharine and annoying. The shopping, the advertising, the music… it’s so artificial.

But anyway.

ign.com is one of those random webservices that I actually pay for, and they have a nifty feature. I now present… my video game collection. Well, minus a few Japanese games that weren’t in the database and the Apple ][ games, which I haven’t bothered inputting yet.

And for some reason I’m watching The Net right now. Why am I watching The Net?! Can’t.. resist… Sandra Bullock…

Boredom is contagious

How is it possible to be bored and productive at the same time? I’m sitting here at work, and I think I’m bored, but I’m actually getting work done?

I want it to be tomorrow afternoon, because we’re having a group party at work.

I want it to be Saturday, because I’ll finally get to see The Two Towers… I mean “TTT” and everyone’s been talking about it nonstop for the past two days.

I want it to be next week, because no one will really be doing anything on Monday, and, being Jewish, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are two obligation-free vacation days for me.

I want it to be March 22nd, because that’ s when the new Zelda game comes out.


I cannot eat these pretzel rods without holding one in my mouth like a cigar and thinking “I love it when a plan comes together!”


Someone just blew chunks on the bus, we’ve got 20 minutes to go, and there’s no ventilatlon in here. As long as I don’t breathe deeply…


Just finished company party, on bus home. Feet hurt. Didn’t need umbrella. Found out boss got engaged. Wowed crowd with DDR again. Naptime.


I had to go home early on Thursday, ended up I had a fever of 101.5, which was pretty much done by Friday, but I stayed home just in case. I was so cold, but I had gotten rid of my old blankets last winter, as well as thrown out my old flannel sheets because they balled up like crazy. This prompted a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond on Sunday, where I bought new flannel sheets and a down comforter and duvet. It was quite hard to get out of bed this morning… very comfy.

(As a side note, how the heck you get a comforter to stay put inside the duvet? Am I missing something?)

It’s done! It’s finally done!

My car is out of the shop! It’s so pretty! The bumper stays on! The turn signal works!

It only took a month!

Here’s to hoping the insurance works out okay and my rates don’t go up too much.