Why I never shut down my Linux machine

We had a power outage today, which was very disorienting. It also trapped me in the house, as I was working from home, and could neither work, nor go to work (power garage door opener). So I read a book.

The power came back on in about two hours, and of course, the Linux machine came right up and didn’t work right. It took me a while to realize that it was missing the default route for some reason, and made note of the exact command I used to fix it, so I don’t have to think about it next time.

I just lost a two-year uptime, as well as a one-year idle IRC session. Stupid PG&E.

Okay, so that out of the way, what have I missed? WDW photos to come. Go Sox. That’s about it.


Went to Kennedy Space Center. Got kidnapped by Peti and Sharilyn to Canaveral national beach to get a passport stamp of some kind, but we couldn’t find the visitors center. So, we’re on our way back from the Atlantic coast, late and going to miss dinner.

Waiting for fantasmic

My feet don’t hurt as much today as they did yesterday. The crowd here just started doing the wave. Heard a parent say to a crying kid “you must be the only kid crying at Disney World.”

Off I go…

… to Disney World for ten days.

Updates may be sporadic. (Wait, how is that different from usual?) I’ll be online very little if at all. (Okay, that’s a bit different.)

Public Service Annoucement

Do not buy or play Mario Pinball Land. The game looks very pretty, but it is an exercise in frustration. It is annoyingly hard to control the ball, and every time you hit the ball off the screen, the game loses track of all progress on the screen you just left, which makes certain tasks take forever.