Thai food for lunch. My lips, they buuuurn! Uh oh, food coma. Zzzz….

I’ve been stuck in a loop.

I haven’t updated in a while, because life has been much of the same ol’, same ol’. We did move at work on Thursday, and I just got back from another “thing” with the old Unit Four Computing Center crew.

Been watching X-Files episodes. Finished watching all of Invader Zim. Finally realized that “Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze” actually means “Cruel Angel’s Thesis”. Bought Neverwinter Nights. Looking forward to getting time off for AX, but not really looking forward to AX. Copied all of my MP3s to my TiBook, and bought a shareware utility that successfully converted the ID3 tags into an iTunes compatible format.

Et cetera.

Whoa, trippy.

Weird is finding an old high-school friend’s band online.

Weirder is listening to an MP3 of theirs.

Weirdest is doing all this while lying in bed.

Mobile Internet

I noticed that when there’s television commericials when someone’s using the internet, they’re always using a laptop, but that laptop is never connected to the Internet, and doesn’t look like it has a wireless ethernet card.

But if you have an Apple laptop then you can lounge around all day on the couch with a laptop, sitting on IRC and browsing the web.

Oh wait, that’s right… that’s me! I got a new laptop!

I’m finally gettin’ some good use out of my AirPort hub.

Internet Order Silliness

There’s only one thing sillier than getting the notification email that your order has shipped… two hours after you actually get the item.

Getting another one two days later.


It never fails, I get to the airport two hours early, zip through security, only to wait (so far) an hour because of mechanical probs.


Went on Seattle underground tour. Went to Gameworks. Played DDR. Played skeeball. Bought dominos with tickets. About to go to wedding.


We just finished dinner at Buca Di Beppo. It’s very loud in here, and they’re trying to talk over the din on a PA. It’s not working.


I find it very frustrating that hotels are now preventing people from hooking up things to the tv. I just wanted to show my mom Memento.