Power outage!

The power just went out here.

Posting on laptop, and for some reason the wireless access points are on the emergency circuit. (Gotta love a company with priorities.)

At least we weren’t the folks who were stuck on the rollercoasters next door.

And I’m done

I finally got Captain rank in FFXI (took a screenshot but forgot to upload it).

With this, I am done with FFXI. I have posted a (rather length) goodbye post in my linkshell’s forums explaining my reasons for leaving in probably way more detail than anyone cares, but it feels good to actually say it.

The most important part is that I kept playing FFXI for the people, but my (sometimes more than) full time job kept me from playing enough and at the same times as most of them, so I lost that connection, and therefore my real reason for sticking around.

Emotional responses to non-emotional events

If Yahoo! were a person, it would totally have its feelings hurt right now.

<Yahoo!> I’m not merging with Microsoft! For reals this time!
<StockMarket> We don’t like you! Down 10%!
<Yahoo!> What, I’m no good to you by myself? You only liked me for my potentially cheap post-merger Microsoft stock?
<StockMarket> Yeah, duh!
<Yahoo!> /wrists