Yes, they were specifically trying for it…

Because they said us new people had it too easy with our flail-less Tiamats. So they specifically tried to make her flail with judicious use of Sneak Attack/Trick Attack.

This was also the fight I spent the entire fight staring at the wall, doing nothing but stunning Firaga IIIs. Whee. Remind me why I wanted to have Dark Knight as a viable subjob for Red Mage?

Update of the gamey variety

So, not much has happened in real life, same old same old. I guess I cleaned my room, that’s sort of momentous for anyone who’s seen my room recently.

FFXI: I held off on saying it because I wanted to make sure it’d stick, but I’m now in an HNMLS again. They’re mostly EST folks, though, so that makes doing stuff with them haphazard. I’ve already fought Tiamat twice, though. That was certainly being tossed into the deep end. Tomorrow we’re doing Jailer of Love, so that will also be “fun” (if I can make it home in time).

WoW: I actually logged into WoW last night, I went and transferred my druid main (Werehamster) from Elune to Uldum. Now I can play with and . So of course, I’m just in there trying to get my addons and everything working, having just respecced to Feral, I get dragged to UBRS and main tank. “fun”

KoL: I don’t know if I mentioned it, but a few months ago I started playing Kingdom of Loathing. It’s good for a quick distraction while I eat lunch. I did a full run through, ascended once, and just ascended again in Hardcore. Hardcore is sort of frustrating at the start, because I have so few turns. I guess that’s a good thing, so I get done with them faster. I’m assuming it gets faster once I start getting a few Hardcore Permanent skills, because I hear tales of long-time veterans of KoL finishing HC runs in 4 days. If I can get it down to two weeks or so, I’ll be happy. Then I can try a Hardcore Oxygenarian Turtle Tamer for a Plexiglass Pith Helmet. Mmmm…. helmet.

FFXII: 12 days to go!

HDTV is still not here.

I’ve been DVRing Heroes and Studio 60 in HD, because, hey, I’ve got it.

Last week, the stupid recording kept skipping, as the HD signal was losing strength, somewhere between the station, Comcast, the wires in my house, my DVR and my TV. Okay, so it wasn’t the connection between my DVR and TV because replaying scenes made them break in the same way.

This week, the HD NBC channel had crappy sound, but only on the show, the commercials were fine (of course). Then I got to Studio 60, and for some friggin’ reason, the sound was only the backgrounds. I can’t hear people talking, or the main foley.

This can’t just be me.

I bought new shoes yesterday. I found a pair I liked, found a box in my size, tried on the left shoe, walked around a while, it seemed okay so I bought them and this morning I put them on.

For some reason the right shoe is bugging me, you get three guesses as to why.