Before I forget

I had a memorable moment in my dream last night:

A group of us (I forget who I was with) were in a small classroom covered with blackboards. We were discussing something, I think having to do with how easy the class was, but in the meantime this one girl was in the back of he room covering one of the blackboards with equations. She had them all almost finished, but then very vocally exclaimed that she must have gotten this one wrong and went back to like the third one she’s written down and erased part of it.

Then gravity turned off and we yelled at her to write back in what she’d written, and then feverently tried to get her to finish the last equation.

Then I thought that was such a good idea for a story that I wrote it down in a notebook. The problem is, I wrote it down in a notebook when I was still inside the dream, which doesn’t really do me any good, huh?

Seven hours straight.

I had ordered it through, so when the Harry Potter book finally arrived at 2 p.m. I immediately ran downstairs, then back up, only pausing reading to eat dinner.

I can now wander around the Internet without worry of the ending being spoiled. I won’t say anything about it other than “wow” and “I can’t wait to see how they handle the movie version.”

Play Free Bird!

So I finally managed to do it. I finally beat Guitar Hero II on Expert.

(As you can see here if you have an account. Why they make you log in to see other people’s accounts, I have no idea.)

My hands hurt.


My the way, I saw this T-Shirt at AX and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.

I’d buy one but they appear to be sold out of most guy’s sizes at the moment.

Anime Expo is over, long live Anime Expo.

I am again at my mom’s house, after having been without Internet for five days. We were very close to having one of the most awesome things ever happen at AX.

I hear stuff happened, although I’m still catching up.