Another member of the family

So I haven’t posted to the elljay in a while, but I have been making with the Twitter on an occasional basis. I’ve noticed my friends list has been dwindling in activity, as I guess short nugget sized 140 character updates are becoming more the norm than multi-paragraph posts. Another casualty of the ADD post-MTV generation, I suppose.

So, I had this whole chain of priorities of things that needed to be done in a very specific order that I’ve been working towards:

I wanted to finally have an app on my iPhone that I could search my collection of DVDs and books wherever I was so I could not accidentally buy the same thing twice, but Delicious Library 2 requires Leopard, and my Powerbook still has Tiger and instead of paying for Leopard I could just buy a new MacBook Pro…

But before I could buy a new MacBook Pro (which would also let me finally play with iPhone programming) I’d have to pay off some of my credit cards and get my finances stabilized and my house refinanced.

So I got my house refinanced. I paid off my credit cards. I got my brand new MacBook Pro (so shiny) and I find that both Delicious Library’s iPhone app and Pocketpedia were both pulled from the app store because is being persnickety.

Yes, I have both of them downloaded already, but I’d either have to pay for DL 2.0 or a DVDPedia/Bookpedia etc. bundle in the hopes that the version of the iPhone app I have will possibly continue to work maybe and pray that nothing breaks that would have required an update. Both Delicious and Bruji have expressed that they are upset that Amazon did what they did and they wanted to support the iPhone. I hope that Amazon pulls its head out of its ass.