That’s one way to get out of a meeting…

Still at work at 8:15, reviewing design documents and workflows with my coworkers in a meeting that started at 5:30.

Then the building begins to shake. And it keeps going. “Earthquake?” “Yes, definitely.” It finally calms down after about 20 seconds.

“Meeting over?”

“Meeting over.”

Programming + Grammar

I just have to share that every time I type the following bit of code it makes me a bit giddy inside:

foreach ($data as $datum) {
     /* do stuff with $datum */

and understanding why gives you a glimpse into my psyche.

It’s about frigging time.

So it seems that Comcast and the City of Sunnyvale have finally come to an agreement, because I got a letter in the mail yesterday warning me that Comcast will be doing construction, possibly interrupting service, etc. in preparation for giving us all the things we’ve been seeing advertised for the last few years. i.e. more HD channels and On Demand.

Within the next few months. So, yay, finally.

Oh,, why do you suck so badly?

For reasons which I’m not entirely sure, I pay for Ign Insider at, a subscription for which I get the privilege of higher resolution videos, less ads and other miscellany. The stupidity of ign is that I still see the ads. Even in specific places where I’m not supposed to, like interstitials. I also get a very annoying “feature” where the ad on the front page of ign just sits there floating over the content where it’s clearly not supposed to be, blocking everything I’d want to see.

I emailed posted to the forum filled out their stupid web form for customer service, complete with multiple screenshots of this in action. Their response? Clear your cookies and upgrade to IE7. I did both, and sent another additional screenshot of the exact same thing in IE7, and they basically brushed me off saying it was a problem on my end, despite the fact that I’ve seen it on three different computers, three different platforms, with about 8 different browsers. Then they closed the ticket and that was that. So I did what any good nerd would do.

I wrote a greasemonkey script that completely eliminates the ad from the page.