Another long day

Tales of Anime… it seemed like I knew half the people, and recognized the other half. Dom slept over to save a trip, Albert picked us up, drove us to Katie’s, where she drove us to BART, we rode in, walked ten blocks up the hill, and into the hotel.

All that trouble to voluntarily go to an anime con. Go figure.

The con itself was very small, although we didn’t get much out of the carnival room. And even then, we spent most of the time customer-less, and ended up throwing plastic balls, hula hoops and mini-frisbees at each other. It was very tiring work.

Another walk, BART ride and drive later (not to mention a nap), and we watched Hero at Union Landing. It was refreshing to see a movie in a theater that had no commercials before the preview started. The movie itself was pretty good, it was nice that I could go in with no expectations or preconceptions.

Ate dinner at the Texas Roadhouse (mmm… free peanuts), and made the trek home.


Well, it’s finally happened. Dull pain has forced me to finally get off my ass and call a dentist. I think my wisdom teeth, long overdue, have finally made their presence known. Even though my mom’s been bugging me for a while now, I now give all of you permission to hound me endlessly if I haven’t followed through with this in a timely manner.

“A timely manner” doesn’t mean you can start bugging me tomorrow. Yes, that means you. You know who I’m talking about!

Another dream

Last night, I dreamt that I and four other people I didn’t recognize were at opposite corners of a parking lot, each with a microphone stand, and we were singing Bohemian Rhapsody a capella.

Then Batman showed up.

I swear, I couldn’t make this stuff up.


A hurricane and a tropical storm?

I am so glad I don’t live on the East Coast right now.



I keep thinking of things to blog…. then getting sidetracked and forgetting about them. bigdumbthing decided to claim his kitchen stuff, so I had to buy new dishes. There was an adventure in that, I’ll try to remember to tell it.

Been playing more FFXI… up to Red Mage level 52 now. Bought Doom 3, been playing that a bit.


Stuck in my head

So this morning, my thought that popped into my head as I woke up wasn’t a sentence, but a scene from a movie or something. Now, it’s bugging me, because I can’t remember what it’s from, so I’m going to ask all you and hope one of you knows.

There’s an elevator attached to a cable going down in the water. The elevator gets down to the bottom in a room open to the water, there’s a locking sound, and the ceiling closes above the elevator, sealing it in. Then, pumps drain the water out of the room, and the characters get out of the elevator, walking across the wet ground to… well… wherever.

I’m guessing it’s pretty old, as it seems to be a stale memory, and I’m hoping it’s from something real, not just in my mind, because I really want to put this one to rest.