For all those days I don’t update, I should write a script that automatically makes an entry.

I would get those entries from here.

Zelda? Zelda!

(“Which way to go?”) Peahats, Octoroks and Moblins, oh my!

I really like the new Zelda game. I’ve been playing it every chance I get, which is why I’m not around much in the evenings. I’ve been deliberately avoiding spoilers, so I’m being pleasantly surprised by the story.

I still haven’t heard back from mortgage guy. I should probably check in with him next week. We still haven’t found a new roommate, but we just re-listed the craigslist posting, so we might get another poke or two. Anyone know anyone looking for a room in Sunnyvale?

Oh, hello there.

Two random people just added me to their friends list, so I suppose I’d better update so I don’t bore them to death.

(Yes, I only care about them, the rest of you can go to… hello!)

I haven’t talked about the war. I’ll sum up my opinion in one sentence and then I’ll probably never speak of it again: I support our troops in the Middle East, and I know Saddam is a bad man, but we should not have gone in without the consent of the rest of the world. There, I’m done.

The Wind Waker comes out today, but I’ll most likely get it tomorrow (overnight shipping from, remember?).

We’re still looking for a new roommate, although we’ve gotten a few leads, none of them have panned out yet.

Milestone In Life

Yes, I’ve reached a milestone in my life.

My boss said he saw it yesterday, but I didn’t believe him. But then, I saw it with my own eyes this morning, in all its splendour.

My first grey hair.

More of the same.

Orange County has grown since I was last here.

The last I remember, Weir Canyon road ended at a dead end not too far south of the 91. Tonight, we went up that way for dinner, and it just kept going, up past housing developments that look just the same as any others in Anaheim Hills.

In a strip mall that looks like any other, (which can’t have been there for more than three or four years) tucked between a Starbucks and a Subway, across from a Blockbuster Video, was this little Mediterranean place that broke the franchise monotony. It was filled with people that almost looked like I should recognize them. I realized, with a little bit of peoplewatching, that the reason why they all looked so familiar was because they were just so… “Orange County.” It’s hard to describe, but it’s sort of a “grown up yuppie” plus “Angel’s fan” plus a bunch of other things. It’s also very whitebread. I noticed the same thing at the airport when we were picking up my Grandmother last night.

I don’t know what the point of that was.

We watched Lilo and Stitch tonight, my Mom and Grandma hadn’t seen it. I’m also most of the way through Pattern Recognition. That book is giving me a warm fuzzy feeling that I don’t want to end when I finish reading it. At one point (pretty early on) he mentions a Macintosh G4 Cube, and I had to repress the urge to jump up and down, pointing at the book, screaming “I have one of those!”

I forgot to mention it yesterday, but as I was driving down the 5 Wednesday night, I was reminded of why I never want to live in L.A. again: a billboard sign advertising an Impotence Clinic.


You never realize how fast broadband is until you have to go back to 56k modem.

So very slow.

It’s a friggin’ shame that my Mom is out of range of DSL. Not by much, either. She might be getting a cable modem… but not anytime soon. Not like I’m down here that often. At least I have a laptop now so I can use all my applications and bookmarks, etc etc.

I made the drive down last night in the shortest amount of time ever. The fact that I didn’t hit traffic either in Gilroy or in LA, plus the fact that I was one of the few cars on the road (mostly trucks in the late evening on a weekday, made it possible for me to make it from Sunnyvale to Yorba Linda in 5 hours, 45 minutes, with a 15 minute stop for dinner. Also, because it was late enough, I just went straight down the 5 to the 91, instead of around the 210-57 like I normally do to avoid downtown traffic. That probably saved me at least 15 minutes, maybe 30.

We saw the neatest thing at Home Depot today. They have self-checkout, which must be in some sort of trial there (the Home Depot in Yorba Linda at Savi Ranch, if anyone’s curious). You scan the items yourself, you pay by inserting money or swiping a card, you bag it yourself, and you get a printed receipt. There’s a guy watching all four stations, and he has a display to see which items each person is scanning, to keep them honest. We ended up going through twice, because we forgot something. It was so darn quick.

Of course, eventually everything will have RFID tags in them, so we can just walk out of stores without having to even scan…


Hmmm… I made some entries with my cell phone, but my new Linux install was missing some key Perl libraries (so the parsing script failed on execution) so they are now lost into the aether…


I got my laptop back. (YAY!) They replaced the exact same part that they replaced last time. (NOT YAY) I can think of two possibilities:

  1. The first part they replaced was faulty.
  2. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing..

Only time will tell.

I also went to Jiffy Lube today, got my oil changed, and some other miscellaneous maintenance to the order of $210. Yay. If the car dies on the way down to LA after that, I’ll be very upset.

I am enjoying vacation. It is nice when the night is winding up and realizing “hey, I don’t have to got to work tomorrow, either!”