The weather always goes so crazy whenever we’re here…

So, as the plane into Indianapolis is landing, the captain announced that the temperature was 4 degrees Fahrenheit, which caused me to “hah!” audibly, which turned at least one head. Yes, once again it’s freakishly cold here in Indiana when we’re here. (And once again the locals are all shaking their heads and saying “it’s not supposed to be this cold this time of year.”) This time, there was a bit more snow on the ground, and it was a bit more recent (it had just fallen two days prior) so everything was covered a blanket of white. My flight had been delayed two and a half hours out of Chicago, due to a weather mess in New York, so it was very late by the time I got in Thursday night. Hooray for losing an entire day to travel.

The funeral was on Friday, and I’ll probably talk about it later.

The weather report for the weekend kept changing. Before I left, it was supposed to get gradually warmer, with some rain as we left. This changed to light snow at night on Saturday and Sunday. Well, it’s noon on Saturday and it’s still snowing, and not very lightly.

That’s our rental car (which my brother just insisted he drive around the block for some reason). Most of that snow was the 14 inches that snowed earlier in the week, but the amount that’s covering the car is all new from last night. I brought almost everything I’d need for playing in the snow other than boots and pants. I considered bringing the pants, but didn’t, and I don’t own the boots.

So I’m here until Tuesday, hopefully we’re not snowed in the whole time, the forecast says we shouldn’t be, but knowing our luck…

So one of my grandmothers passed away on Thursday, and I wasn’t able to make it out to the funeral.

My other grandmother just passed away today.


I guess it’s been a while, so obligatory post.

Nothing new with work. Jenny’s sister, the new roommate, is hardly ever around. Still don’t have a Wii. Waited a bit, then finally jumped into Burning Crusade, up to level 63 on my Druid. Finally got an epic mount (which is a necessary prerequisite for a flying mount and flight form as a druid).

Hmmm I had more to say but I guess it’s not really that important ’cause I don’t remember it.