As if I needed another reason to hate LA and smokers.

When I got in to my car a few days ago, I thought I smelled cigarette smoke. Not knowing what it could have been, I just dismissed it to being a smell that got picked up from being parked on my mom’s driveway for the last week.

Today, on my way to drive to Gardena so I could log into FFXI for Kori’s wedding, I was planning on plugging in my cell phone to charge it.

The charger wasn’t where I left it. Neither was the power inverter or the other power plug or the splitter that they were all plugged in to. So I looked in the back seat. Not there, either. I opened the trunk. Not there.

I looked under the seats, nothing there. (Mental flag went up.) Got back in the car and figured I’d worry about it later. Started driving off. (Mental flag goes off.) I had one of my CD booklets under the seat… the smaller one with all my Final Fantasy and DDR music. It wasn’t there. Neither was the bag of stuff that Joe left in the back seat.


No wonder it smelled like cigarette smoke… the bastard who did it was probably smoking while he was doing it. I don’t know when the hell I left my car unlocked, but I’m certain it was at my mom’s house, because Joe’s bag is gone and I only had that put in when I was on my way out of GenCon.

The power stuff is a pisser, but I can buy new stuff. Joe’s bag, I don’t remember what was in it, but it was mostly free stuff he got at GenCon. The CD wallet is what pisses me off, there were CDs in there that are hard to find and worth nothing on the street, only to fans like me. I don’t even want to think about how cheap they’re going to be sold for in some pawn shop…

Then I thought about how bad it could have been. They could have opened the trunk and started taking stuff out of there, like my big CD wallet and the karaoke stuff. Fortunately, my laptops and the karaoke hard drive were inside, along with anything else of real value.

Right on my mom’s driveway. Unbelievable.

For the people in SoCal, who may be geeks…

I find myself moving up another rank on the geek-o-meter. I am currently in Orange County, and find myself in a dilemma. There is a solution, but I’m gonna try and see if I can find an easier way.

I need to be logged in to FFXI this Sunday at 5pm. Now, there is an internet gaming place in Arcadia, which I know has FFXI installed on their machines, but after calling them, they recommended getting there before noon to make sure I get a slot. Now, it’s not like I couldn’t find something to do for five hours in FFXI, but there might be a better way… not to mention a closer place to do it. (Arcadia is a good 30 miles away from Yorba Linda.)

My mother’s computer will not run FFXI, sadly. My laptop is a Powerbook. I’m not spending $300 for a PS2/Ethernet Adapter/Copy of FFXI/Copy of CoP.

If only I’d not gotten in to WoW (which runs on my laptop and gives me something to do when I’m down here), then my addiction would have made me bring my computer down with me, and all would be easy. Alas. All things considered, driving to Arcadia is probably the safest bet, but if there’s anything I’m missing…

What if they threw an anime con and nobody came?

… well, that’s what it felt like on Friday. The Anime Avenue at GenCon So Cal seemed deserted. It was out of the way and the convention seemed underpopulated to begin with, so the rooms upstairs were very empty. At one point, there was one person in each of the four video rooms, at least one of which was a volunteer watching the room. Karaoke attendance was also sorta low.

Saturday was a bit better. We actually had nine people in the contest, and most of them were around for open mic before and after as well. Moving stuff around made Hank and I realize that bringing a cart to move this crap around would help a lot. I’m still sore in my arms and legs, although the legs are probably from staying on my feet most of the weekend.

Got back to my mom’s, we went and saw Goblet of Fire. It was good… a bit disjointed and rushed, but they lingered on the parts that mattered, and gave the actors a chance to do some dramatic acting.

I have arrived in Orange County. Again.

So, anyone else have that irrational fear that a huge double-trailer truck is going to change lanes into the lane you’re in when you’re right in the middle, when it’s too late to slow down behind it and too early to speed in front of it and your only option is to drive off the road onto the shoulder and dirt at 70 miles an hour?

Well, that happened to me today.

Aside from that nightmare-inducing incident, the drive down was uneventful and fast.

Where the heck have I been?

I haven’t updated in a while. I didn’t post a second half to my Indiana trip. I haven’t been doing a lot of things.

What I am doing is going down to Gencon SoCal tomorrow to help run karaoke for the anime track, then staying down in L.A. through Thanksgiving at my parent’s.

There’s other stuff, I suppose, but nothing worth noting.