Wasting time

So I had a job interview today with a super-secret Internet startup that they couldn’t tell me what they did, following up from one of the phone interviews I did earlier in the week. I met with the guy I talked with on the phone, that went well enough. Met with another guy, that seems to go pretty well also. Then I met with a third guy, who kept interrupting me when I was talking, got to a certain point in the interview, asked me “do you know [Technology X]?” Which I didn’t. He then asked “do you know [Technology Y]?”, which I didn’t either.

At that point the interview was over, I’m sorry, they do everything in those two technologies, they’d really like to hire someone who knew them well.

I didn’t have those on my resumé anywhere… if it’s that important to you, why did you bother bringing me in?

The problem I knew I was going to have is rearing its ugly head. I learned a little bit about a lot of different things in the last eight years, but everyone wants to hire a specialist.


“Nintendo Wii”? Do they really think that’s a good name? Sheesh.

(Yes, I’m actually awake now. I’ve been woken up by phone calls from recruiters the last three days….)

More FFXI fun

Been playing mostly Kingdom Hearts II inbetween FFXI, haven’t touched WoW in a while except for Molten Core on Saturdays. Been very gradually doing the chain of missions and quests necessary to “finish” the Chains of Promathia story (which involves having to actually beat Rise of the Zilart, then do a badass BCNM that meshes both storylines) I finally have this to show for it:

Also, been doing Limbus still, and we tried a new zone on Monday. Got all the way to the top, then ran out of time. We tried the same zone again today, but with a few more people, and me as BLM instead of RDM (we finally have a third RDM, yay), and we got to the top floor with 35 minutes left. Of course, the level is set up this way because at the top is a big, bad behemoth. Time is running down, we’re getting knocked around by his constant Meteor casting, I’ve already died and reraised twice, and he’s at a sliver and time is counting down…

Go go zombie BLM power!

I beat Tetris!

Errr, yeah. 200 lines in marathon.

(Back to FFXI, then digging through my room for the stuff I forgot for my taxes…)