Starting to get annoying

So this LiveJournal embedded media bug that’s been plaguing me forever has hit a new low point. It seems that for some reason, whenever someone embeds media in a post in my friends list, I usually get some previously viewed embedded media instead of the one they posted.

This wouldn’t be so annoying except that, since last week, every embedded media on my friends list has been the Mario Paint version of “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

Nutrition and the practical applications thereof

Passover always does a number on me. I’m just not eating the food I need to be eating, and I lack carbs or something and so I’m always tired, hungry and I get headaches. At least I only have four days at work this year. Because of the working over the weekend thing, I got to work from home on Monday.

I think I need some caffeine. And more water.

Happy time fun time!

I’ve just worked my first weekend. This is not a milestone I’m proud of.

I also just received my first piece of spam in Japanese. This is something I’m indifferent about.

It’s Friday, why am I so sad?

I’m sad because I was at work until 11pm last night getting ready for a demo today. (Although other people stayed until 1 a.m., it seems).

I’m sad because I owe money to the gov’m’t. (But I should be happy — it’s because my investments actually made a nice chunk of money.)

I’m sad because, once again, as I get out of my car and walk through the parking lot, the rollercoasters are going and people are screaming and having a good time and I know I have to go inside and work for another eight hours.

I’m sad because, even though I’ve been taking medication for the last two months, that stupid cough is still not really gone, it’s just masked.