Reverse Vacation

I came up with the term last week. For those of you not keeping track, I’ve been spending most of December (and the latter half of November) not going in to the office, only doing work when contacted, and it wasn’t ever that much.

Then, last week, I get called saying there’s a project that they need someone to work on, and their normal guy is slammed, it should be about four days of work. “Sure,” I say, and I go into the office on last wednesday, thursday and friday working full days. Some time on thursday, my boss asks me if I’m going to be around during the holidays. “Of course I am, where would I go?” I answer, and so I’m on call for work to cover the other people who are out of town (which has already started today).

It’s a reverse vacation.

Patch day!

So, what have I been up to? Let’s see the last time I updated… oh besides the animal crossing post… wait, never mind I’ve pretty much been playing video games all day long.

I got Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time out of the way. Now I have the unholy combination of FFXI, WoW, Dragon Quest 8, and Animal Crossing to sink my time in to. Out of the four of those, only DQ8 has a conceivable ending, and that’s probably a good 70 hours away. The rest I could keep dumping more and more and more into and keep having more to do.

However, my honeymoon with WoW may soon be ending. It’s been fun, but mostly because I’ve been able to do things by myself. Every time I try doing things with other people, a) things go less smoothly b) things get more hectic and c) people die more often. And currently, my quest log has 10/16 quests that are (Elite)… which means I have to do them with other people. I’ve been working on various other things, I got fishing to 225 and started the uncap quest and got cooking to 300. But right as I did that, I was able to connect FFXI to the update server…

Today’s FFXI update is a very significant one. It fixed some very major things:
FFXI rambling again…

Animal Crossing!

It’s finally out!

I got through the part time job stuff, so here’s my friend code:

Anyone else who gets the game, let me know your code and we can totally steal each other’s animals…

And more…

And now that I’m at home…

So, that was my last Yahoo! Year End Party. Even if I find myself eligible for some reason next year, I probably won’t be going. I wouldn’t have gone this year, except for one of the musical guests.

Earth, Wind and Freaking Fire.

There were probably close to 6,000 people there. I actually stopped and talked to about 10. This number is way down from previous years. I spend most of the time walking around, which is not unusual… but unlike before I couldn’t find anyone I knew. My feet hurt just as much as every year previous, but I have a lot less to show for it. Not only is it because most of the people I’ve known at Yahoo! no longer work there, but most of the people I know who still work there didn’t seem to be there… or else I never found them in the huge crowds.

Then on the bus ride home, even though there were plenty of empty seats, a guy plops down next to me… reeking of cigarettes and intruding on my personal space.

So… not a great way to end an eight-year run.