Well, here I am am again.

I’m at my mom’s house again, in preparation for AX. I brought my PC this time, so I won’t be without FFXI.

At one point on the drive down, there was a PT Cruiser behind me, a PT Cruiser in front of me, and a PT Cruiser in front of that PT Cruiser.

Okay, I got distracted by my mom’s dogs, they’re constantly nipping at each other. They were also very excited to see me, even the one who’d never met me.

Oh, and I got a job. It’s back at Yahoo! and it’s contract-to-hire, but it’s in a completely different department (even a different location, less chance of running into people I worked with before) and it’s an engineering position, which hopefully will mean I’ll be learning useful more up-to-date things surrounded by people who I can actually ask questions about technical stuff, instead of programming in a vacuum like I was for the last 8 years. I start on July 10th, which is right after I get back from L.A. That’ll be interesting.

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  1. While driving the Karmann Ghia, I look for other Ghias. I’ve seen several. While driving the Squareback, I looked for other Squarebacks, and saw one or two.

    I’m not going to play that game while driving the PT Cruiser, because today I saw five, and that’s not counting the one in the parking lot that’s the same color as mine.

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