Off I go

It’s that time of year again. Off to Anime Expo.

Blah blah blah, if you want to find me, I’ll most likely be in the karaoke room… etc. etc.

You know the drill.

A wedding, not my own.

Today, I went to the first wedding of someone who was actually my age. And when I say that, I mean we were born 8 days apart. This is a guy whom I’ve known all my life (although we haven’t seen much of each other since we graduated college) because our parents went to college together.

The service and the reception were both in the Santa Cruz mountains on a patch of land owned by the bride’s family. It was in this amazingly beautiful valley off highway 1 and we were all very lucky it didn’t rain (as there was a chance it was going to as of earlier in the week) because it was all held outdoors.

Seeing some of the other random people that I hadn’t seen since freshman year of college was a trip. I also hadn’t seen the bridegroom or his family in years, either, even though he and his sister live in the area.

Right now, I’ve got my brother sleeping on the floor downstairs and my stepdad on the couch. In four hours, my stepdad is waking up for a supershuttle to take him to the airport to fly him off to Toronto. I just hope they don’t wake me up when they get here.

Another day, another prime avatar.

Leviathan down!

Now I have all the pacts, time to start collecting whispers for a moon bauble.

Then I can start figuring out if I’m going to start a “fighting avatars for people” service.

The power… THE POWER

Last week, I finally got Ninja to level 37, so I could run around as RDM75/NIN37 soloing things that I have no right soloing.

Last night, I soloed Shiva Prime.



You cannot tag me. I have the Job Trait “Resist Meme”.

It’s raining right now. It’s June and it’s raining. Stupid weather.

The curse of Marie Callender’s

Once again, we ended up at Marie Callender’s for dinner. And once again, they were out of chicken pot pies. This makes like three or four times in a row. So I had to settle for buying the last key lime pie on the way out.

I will have my chicken pot pie, dangit!

Fanime and real life

One of the people I roomed with at fanime swiped my toothpaste. I’m not pointing any fingers, though… *evil glare*

Fanime… was. There were people complaining about a lack of programming all around me, but programming isn’t why I go to these conventions anyway. Give me the karaoke room to work in, the tabletop gaming room to wander around in, and the arcade to waste time in, and enough people I know to never walk down the hallway without seeing someone, and I’ll be happy.

But anyway, I get back to real life on Monday to find a letter from the IRS. Turns out on my 2003 taxes I didn’t file a Schedule D, so, even though I paid my taxes on my Stock Options, when E*Trade finally got around to reporting it to the IRS, the IRS got a bit confused and thought there were additional transactions they want their cut of. So this morning, I had to head down to HR Block to get it sorted out. HR Block needs the 1099, of course, so I have to dig and dig and dig through the pile of unsorted papers (which I had started doing anyway, because I knew it was coming).

After that, I headed to Men’s Wearhouse to get my suit let out a bit, but I have to get it dry cleaned first. The dry cleaners has this big “1 day service” sign out on front, and a “same day service!” sign inside. I hand him the suit, and he tells me “Friday 4pm.”

Huh. Math works differently in a dry cleaners, I guess.

I then go to Fry’s to return the HD enclosure I bought that wouldn’t boot correctly, but I managed to completely forget to bring it, so that was a wasted trip.

I then went and bought new toothpaste.

Overall, a very frustrating morning.