What a day and age we live in

For some reason, they phone decided to stop working recently… there’s no dial tone when you pick up and if you call it just rings forever, although the DSL connection still works.

So I just called the Pacific Bell help line, and waded through about ten levels of automated menus. At one point, it asks for the phone number in question, and it says “please wait while we check our system.”

About fifteen seconds later it says “We have determined a problem with the Pacific Bell network. A technician does not need to be sent out to your location. Your phone service will be fixed between now and.. 3:45 pm”

If they can automatically determine that something’s wrong… and automatically assign someone to fix it… why can’t they automatically figure out that it’s broken!?

I’ve got so much crap to do today, and I was just now called and I have to do something for work that involves me going into work. Ironically, I was already planning on going into work today…

Weekend? What’s that?

Still not ready to say…

o/~ And it hurts to want everything and
nothing at the same time
I want what’s yours
and I want what’s mine
I want you
But I’m not giving in this time o/~


So i got here a bit early, so i’m killing time in YL. It appears that the most fun thing for kids to do here is hang out at Starbucks.

Hope this works

I’ve been having some problems with this so it might not work.

Anyway i’m on my way to LA right now.

MIT scares me.

This may be old news, but this scares me.

You can leave a message for the occupant of the stall on the lcd screen.

And just while I was watching this, I saw one of the stalls go from vacant to occupied.

Laugh, dammit!

Read this.

Then read this.

Yes, I know that first amendment rights aren’t exactly being encroached on here, as it’s the mediums that are rejecting the content, not an outside agency. It’s just still so very disheartening.

I don’t want to live in a country that is not willing to laugh at itself.


I am making this entry on my cell phone. Don’t ask me how… It’s complicated. Hooray for predictive text! Man, i’m such a geek.

Well wasn’t that fun.

Habitrail is alive again. No longer is it a RedHat Linux machine. It is now a Debian Linux machine.

Time will tell if this was a step forward or a step sideways. FTP will never again be turned on. (And for those of you who mentioned it, telnet hasn’t been running for almost two years.)

For those of you who use the IRC server, it’s back up, but I had to recompile the server… it should be functional (services are running and appear to remember all user information).

For those of you who had accounts, they’re there. (except for the bastard who hacked his)

Sometime over the weekend, I will be learning about firewalls.

Stupid rootkits.