It appears the power supply gave out.

Lucky me I happened to have a spare.

I certainly hope that was the problem. I’d hate for this to happen again…

And I would care…. why?

The following news article title is currently sitting on My Yahoo…

“Elton John Says He Finds Women Attractive Too”

And this is newsworthy? With all that’s going on in the world right now, someone actually wrote this story.



A weekend of a Magic prerelease and a cleaning day. I suppose I could elaborate more, but I think I’ll just paste this sucker in and call it a night.



I have just locked myself out of two of my financial web-based accounts because I couldn’t remember which login/password I used.


I can’t sleep.

It’s nights like these when I wonder if I accidentally drank too much caffeine. I can’t fall asleep, thoughts keep racing through my head. Partly it’s about the events of the last few days, but mostly it’s one of those “what I’ve done with my life” sort of random thought processes.

What does it always come down to? “Why don’t I have a girlfriend?” But then immediately followed by “Do I even really want a girlfriend?”

There’s the laundry list of failed attempts dating back 8 years. The one that hurts above all is the one who all the rest inevitably get compared to. I can’t even say her name, as she may eventually read this, and this is not the way I’d want her to find out my feelings… if I even know my own feelings, hazy as they are; it’s been 3 years since I last saw her, 6 since I met her.

It’s one of those weird cosmic things. If you ever read the stories about how a couple gets together because of some weird coincidence, or some random event that occurs that shoves the two of them together and they live happily ever after — this is the complete opposite. Through random occurrence, spooky events, and yes, a fair dose of lack of courage on my part, we never got together. It was close though.

It’s one of those things that’s always in your head. A vow to yourself. My vow is that if I ever run into her again, I will not let her get away. Fate, it seems, wanted to make it difficult. So I’ve left it up to fate.

[long pause while I think of something to type]

It seems the only way I can stop dwelling on the distant past is to start dwelling on the more recent past. I already know which of the missed opportunities of the last year will be the ones that will keep me up at night years from now.

You’d think I would do something about it. But, what if I run into her? What if it’s while I’m on a date with another girl? Fate would love to do that to me.

I hate my subconscious mind. It’s always the worst case. I want to go to sleep, but it’s not over yet.

And tomorrow’s gonna be a long day at work.

Where were you when…

So people always ask “Where were you when you found out ____ happened?” i.e. Kennedy was shot, Pearl Harbor was bombed.

I was asleep in bed when I found out about the World Trade Center. The fact that my alarm clock was spouting talking and not music when I kept hitting it, a brief conversation by the guys collecting the trash outside my window… and Ken shouting in disbelief all made me think something was wrong. When Ken knocked on my door to tell me, I knew something was very wrong.

It’s been a very emotional day. The CEO of our company sent out an email saying that anyone that wanted to go home was more than welcome to. We’ve been having one long conversation over the course of the work day, which unfortunately must go on, as we’re in the busiest week of the quarter for our department. The question that everyone should be asking is not “What happened?” but “Why?”

Why would someone do this? Terrorists cannot claim responsibility, as much as they want to, because they would be squashed like a bug. It seems the entire world (minus Palestine…) is appalled by this attack. Any counterstrike would probably get the approval, if not the participation, of most of the world’s countries. Of course, if no one claims responsibility, what was the point? If no one knows who did it, what is the point of the terrorism?!

And man, those Palestinians celebrating in the streets that America was finally attacked… I know we do some fairly evil things over there… but these children celebrating, do they even realize what they are celebrating? Do they realize that we are not a nation of evil people out to kill them? These were normal people who were killed and hurt in this act. And they dance in the street and hand out candy.