I thought I had cleaned it all out. I removed the user accounts he created. I removed the cron jobs that he added. I changed the root password. I closed ftp (which was how he got in in the first place). Everything seemed fine, until I logged back in this morning.

My logfiles were pointing at /dev/null. Basic detection scripts like ps and netstat weren’t working.

I shut the machine down.

Tonight is not going to be fun.

What motivates these bastards to do this? “Because they can”? Not only are the inconveniencing me, they’re inconveniencing the 20 or so people who use my machine as an IRC server, as well as the handful of friends who have accounts on the machine. Yes, I should be the better sysadmin and keep my machine secure, but dammit I thought I was. It’s not like there’s any useful data on that machine. Go bug someone else.

I hate this. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate. When one bastard can download a script and push a button, and it takes up almost a day of my time to fix, something’s wrong with this world.


My Linux machine was hacked again.

You absolute bastards!

Words do not describe the absolute contempt for humanity I have right now.

I missed it!

Dang, it completely slipped my mind… but two hours ago marks the one year anniversary of when I created my LJ account.

I suppose I could pre-date this entry… nah.

Two years?

There are few things more disheartening than to realize that all of the code that you’ve worked on for the last two years has a very good chance of getting thrown out the window.

North (Part Three)

The slopes opened at 8:30, but everyone didn’t awaken and finally get going as early as we hoped. At about 11am, some of us drove up to the village to do some grocery shopping. We went back and picket up Stan and Hong, and headed back at about 12:30. This was at least fortunate in the spending department, as Hong and Stanley were able to get the half-day rate.

The trip continues – it’s quite long

North (Part Two)

We met Chico for lunch downtown in Seattle, but, wait! He was late, and we ate without him! Hong absolutely had to have some french fries, so we wandered around the market looking for some. We split up, and Luke and Lena went jacket shopping as we picked up some chains from Les Schwab. They have this nice offer where you can return chains that you don’t use. We didn’t get any free beef, though.
It goes on and on