Happy Leap Day!

Or as I usually call it, “Hope That All of My Date Based Calculations in Programs I Wrote Still Work” Day!

The Great Laptop Fiasco of 2008: Part 2

So I took my laptop into the Genius Bar today and the guy there basically told me what I already suspected: it’s likely a problem with the logic board on my PowerBook. Since I really kind of needed this computer as a secondary, and I’m not quite ready to buy a new MacBook Pro yet, I’m going to get it repaired. But first, I have to backup the data from it.

But since the computer isn’t working I have to take the hard drive out, put it in an enclosure, and hook it up to another one of my Macs and copy the data. But I don’t have another hard drive around that’s big enough to hold all of that data, so I have to buy one. And I can’t find either of my 2.5″ enclosures, I think might still have them. I do have a 3.5″ enclosure, though. So I could get a 3.5″ drive that’s like 300GB and really cheap and it would work.

As funny as it would be to walk into Fry’s and buy a 3.5″ drive and a 2.5″ enclosure and see if anyone noticed.

When it rains, it pours

A new chapter of computer troubles begins:

My PowerBook seems to be having memory issues. Hopefully buying a replacement DIMM will fix the issue, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see.

Edit: It may not necessarily be memory issues, I have two DIMMs, and removing them one at a time didn’t fix the problem…


“C’mon Andy, come to dinner!”
“But I’m watching the Oscars!”
“Just set it to record!”
“Okay, fine!”
*does so*

Anyone who knows how DVR works and how often the Oscars run late will understand the scream that occurred just a few minutes ago.

You know, stuff.

I staffed AOD last weekend, and it was the most boring convention I’ve ever staffed. This is a very good thing when staffing ConOps. I got to use my car to lug cargo around, and it actually fits a decent amount of stuff when the back seats are folded down, which is part of the reason why I wanted seats that folded down.

I got the license for my car, and since I have to try and come up with a mnemonic for stuff like this and the three letters were “CTH” I eventually settled on “Capture The Hamster” which is a little too appropriate.

Things at work are a bit weird recently, as people might have guessed. I can say that I am one of the select few people to have survived all three major layoffs at Yahoo!, though. That’s gotta be worth a medal or something.