I changed my DSL plan. Going down to a single dynamic IP, unfortunately they don’t offer any faster connections than what we already had — too far from the substation still even after all these years. At least I’m saving $40 a month now, though. The guy really wanted to sell it to me (“yes, we want to take more of your money!”). He also mentioned how like a third of California is wired for fiber now, and they’re working on more. Mmmm…. that’d be nice.

So, to follow up on the tech part of my last entry:

With the DNS change almost completely out on the internet, it’s time to think about the final implication of my domain switch. I now have no real services running off of my Linux machine that I need. (I still use it to ssh into and irc from and as a file server, but I can do both of those things with other accounts or hardware.) I also have no need for a static IP, which brought me to my next thought…

For the longest time I was hesitant to switch any DSL plan I had, because I have a 5 static IP package that I got when my DSL provider was still Pacific Bell. When they were bought by SBC, this option because unavailable, but I still kept it through a grandfather clause or something. I knew it was special and I didn’t want to switch because I’d never be able to get it back, and I liked having the static IP for my website and stuff. But what I found out yesterday is that now that SBC is AT&T, the plan is back in their price list, nothing special. I also noticed that I’m paying $64.99 a month for 384-1.5M Down / 128-384 Up and 5 static IPs (which at the time was a good deal). If I say “screw the static IPs” I can switch over to 3.0-6.0 Down / 384-608 Up for $34.99 a month, with no contract. Saving $30 a month (which was split three ways, anyway), but getting more bandwidth is good.

The only thing I can think of that I lose is the karaoke server sitting on a static IP for purposes of uploading songs. This is something I may be willing to give up. There’s always dynamic IP uploading stuff I can do if I really need to have it online.

I can take all my files off the linux machine and put them in an external hard drive, and go back to using my AirPort Extreme to do DCHP and NAT and I can retire the Linux machine. This also means the “Internet” in the house is just the DSL modem and the Airport, which means if I need to, it can easily move to the kitchen or my bedroom, where the other phone lines are, and not make too much noise. This makes the option of having someone live in the basement room again feasible.

Just typing through this entry has pretty much made up my mind. I just need to figure out if there’s going to be a hardware upgrade necessary and if there will be any downtime involved in the upgrade.

So I finally took the last step to transfering hamusutaa.com from Yahoo! Domains to Dreamhost.com. This meant I could easily use their own hosting solutions for hamusutaa.com (which is my website I never update and my email). I spent a little time getting everything set up before the transfer, then got everything working as far as I can tell on the other end. Email is always a bit complicated, as there are weirdnesses with IMAP and webmail and pine and procmail and the web configuration all interacting. I can send myself email and it shows up, I just haven’t received anything on my mailing lists to see if they’re filtering right.

So if you send me an email and I don’t respond, it might be because I never got it.

Also, I have finished The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. I do not own a Wii. I borrowed ‘s. Now I don’t have to rush out and be all crazy to get one because I was dying to play Zelda, I can wait until January when things are saner. Never again will I try to get “the thing that everyone wants for Christmas this year.” In. Sanity.

And in FFXI news:

My Paladin hit 75, very little buffer, and I still have some skills to cap. Except:

The last bit of sword skill I’ll ever get. And the last bit of shield is not too far behind. And of course, I have to work on all the stupid skills like Polearm, which are a very low rating for Paladin but are still there. I did get this lovely nugget, though: